Is D2R worth $20?

I’m considering picking up D2R mainly for the ability to theory craft builds that are actually viable, if that’s even a thing and since it’s nonexistent in D3. Can anyone provide some feedback?

It’s the same D2 with a facelift. After I saw what I wanted to see VV did a great job with the visuals, I uninstall it.

I can say it’s getting better. Slow but stady. Lots of under dog builds got vibale, my flavourite the Shock Wave Druid got phantom buffed(big time), and it’s a lot of fun.

I mean it’s still D2, but i like it for what it is.

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If you like Diablo 2 it’s worth it, as it’s just that with better visuals. They did add some grand charms with the ability to break immunities though, so that opens up new options.

Personally I’m having fun with it, but then I’ve always enjoyed Diablo 2 more than 3.


D2 has a much larger variety in terms of gear, since much of your strength relies on your skills and not on your gear as in D3. D2R has improved many previously non-viable builds as well. Are they as effective as hammerdin or light sorc? no, but you can easily solo hell with most and you don’t need enigma, infinity etc to do that.

If you’ve never played D2: just don’t expect uniques raining down. They are much more uncommon than in D3. Since I’ve played D2 since 2000 I very much prefer it to D3 (mainly due to pvp) but I guess others won’t agree.


wait for the D4 bundle that includes it imo


Not worth it.

I’ve played since D1. Stick to D3 and hope D4 is sticking to a reasonable timeline.

It is just another ActiBlizz cashgrab.


20 charactery characters.
And a bonus smiley :slight_smile:

Nope. Even if the game sells for $10, I will still going to consider HARD buying it.

I’d say yes. It is still a decent game. Deeply flawed in many ways, but with some good fundamentals.

I also like some of the changes made, especially the Terror Zones. Really good addition.

The anti-immunity charms is a positive addition in a sense, but it is mostly just a band-aid on an issue (immunities) that needed a better fix instead.

Would be nice with more skill balance and item balance patches however.

if you have used to play d2 and lod have the nostalgia, absolutely.

it´s good despite severly overrated facelift. as with all facelifts so too here it´s actually an unnatural disservice.
thankfully you can just press g for old graphics.

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I just wish they’d try to make terror zones also somewhat equalize mob density. All too often I ignore it because it’s just a terrible zone.

To me it’s not worth it even if free. I stopped playing D2 a very long time ago, a fresh coat of paint won’t have any effect on the reasons for that.

Agreed. As with much else in the game, the implementation is not exactly balanced.

I would also say, maybe have 2 zones active at a time, like a new one each hour, but they are up for 2 hours, to increase the likelihood of there being one around for your build.


If you prefer games that play slowly, not because of progress but because it is just slow to move around, then yeah, maybe. I gave it a whirl and stopped playing before I even left the first town… just too much walking that took forever.

D2R is a nice game. But beware - loot in solo play online is…a little frustrating sometimes.

Not for me. I was willing to drop full price at launch if it felt like an improvement over D2. 4k visuals and simulated 60FPS wasn’t enough for me. Wouldn’t even bite if it were free to be honest.

I’d say it’s worth 20 bucks. I got it when it was released and had a blast. if it wasn’t for D2:R I wouldn’t be playing any Diablo games anymore. I started it up just a while ago because I am having a real issue with continuing playtime in season 27.

My only gripe about D2:R (same with D2 and D2:LoD) is the crappy server lag and constant disconnections, especially after dying to lag. It makes progression very annoying, looking at you Act 2.

Good thing D2:R has… wait for it… it’s a goody… OFFLINE MODE!!!

It is a somewhat unpopular opinion among, uh, certain elements of the online community, but at this point I’d really just add Players X support online. While it is a bit of a band-aid fix, it would also be an easy way to improve both the droprates and challenge for solo play.
Technically it would not be better than what already exists, as people can just join games with others, and do their own thing, to do what players X do. It would still be an efficiency gain of course, not having to rely on other players, so I guess a more balanced solution would be to make it a somewhat nerfed version of players X.



Bought it. Played it for about 2 weeks. Haven’t played it since. It took me that long to realize what a monotonous grind D2 was. D3 seems soooo much better, grinding and all. At least in D3 you have a chance at getting decent gear, whereas D2R is the same runs to the same elites for zero rewards.