Is Blizzard aware? (Bugged grouping)

Matchmaking is very wonky right now and its not just me. I play HARDCORE mode and when players invite me, it doesnt join and gives an error message.

Joining public games, barely works. There is clearly something wrong.

Is Blizzard working on it / aware of this issue?

PS: The reason why I ask here is because players in chat said this bug was around in season 18 as well… =-(


Hey Raserei,

We’re aware of it and looking into fixing the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope it doesn’t impact a majority of your playtime.


Yeah same problem here! :slight_smile:
I was wondering why the season was release on a Friday night (bad time to fix problem) :open_mouth:
Oh well, hoping you can come up with a fix soon! :slight_smile:

Hello Raseri btw, it was me inviting you at that time, I believe! hahah! :smiley:
But yeah, the problem is recurring…

Hey whats up Lloyd, ya, couldnt join you… Been trying public games and another guy invited me and still didn’t work.

It’s all good. Just as long as they are aware, peace of mind knowing they will eventually fix it in the future.

I had it happen to me a few times in both ends. When I get invited as I am in game, it would take me to menus then say that theres an error and I have to be invited again. And sometiems when I invite someone, I have to reinvite them multiple times. It’s good to hear that this problem is aware and hopefully it’s fixed soon.

For me it sometimes says I can’t party with non-seasonal characters even though we are both seasonal. Had a little panic attack since I played my first 8 hours solo got to max level and all my gear and then my friend was like, “dude you didn’t make a seasonal character” and I couldn’t party with him. Luckily logging out and in fixed it but still annoying.

Yeah I get hit with this bug alot lately, especially after the Season start… wasnt so bad prior tho as there was no season going on for awhile.

I hope it gets fixed very soon otherwise I’ll just have to skip seasonal play until then.

Oh believe me, its affecting everyone’s gameplay pretty badly since we want to group with folks in our social list but cannot thanks to the bug.


I have this same bug so bad. I can not group and players do not show up with the leaf next the name in chat. I invite and it says you can not group with non seasonal char’s and they are a season char. I love this season so far but this bug is really bad… and for some reason on my friends I look and some players say UNKNOWN where class should be. I don’t know if this is part of the same issue or not.

one thing that people i play with have been doing to get past this is everyone join group, and switch to non season, then back to season, that usually fixes and lets us all start the game.

I’ve just been restarting the entire game, but neither restarting nor changing to non-season and back is helpful when I’m in the middle of a bounty run or Whimsydale.

Just encountered a new glitch before writing this post: a friend invited me to his game, I declined, then the invites kept coming back. If I declined, it would come back in a matter of seconds. If I wait for the timer to expire, it comes back after a few minutes.

What gets me is, the glitches with the new monk build were fixed in less than a week, but this problem with friends appearing as level 0 unknown classes [] and unable to join other players, has been known for well over a month. What has the dev team been doing all this time? And how could someone botch the code so badly in the first place?