Invoker set with Norvald set?

Is it worth using a slow 2-hander with a set, that relay on high attack speed for both damage and survival?

It is slightly better yes. I estimate +2-3 GRs compared to Pig Sticker/Furnace.

It’s a 5x multiplier. You can safely get rid of BotT and use PE instead. And yes PE works.

Im thinking mortal drama might be an optuon now as well, if it multiplies barrells of spikes its huge.

Also a side note lod phalanx with belt of trove and mortal drama might be in with a shout of being a fun build

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Mostly a fun build, cant see it pushing high end rift. A6I2N2 bomb can be used to push tho. But I6N2 is still stronger imo

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I’m calculating A6I2 makes big hits in steed / oculus / coe of around 5-6Q best conditions. This build will do well. If you’re fiddling around with it today, expect 118x stronger Bombardment impacts

And if Invoker 6 can actually clear trash with Bombardment, while taking down elites, that will mean much more than the expected 2-3GRs lift. I haven’t yet clocked the Bombardment strikes on I6 yet, but I’m guessing they will be 400-500T in right conditions, which should be enough to crush the trash in GR130s.

The interesting thing will be to see how this changes stat priorities:

AD vs AS and which is most valuable. We know that for either build you’ll want to target 60% CDR for those manual Bombardment casts.

There are some really interesting variants on the A6I2 side of things – I see both of these builds in the GR135-140 range @ 5k paragon with lots keys.

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According to my calculation it should be much higher.
New multimpliers:
Belt of the Trove = 6x
Mortal Drama = 6x
Buffed Akkhan = 21/16 = 1.3125x
Norvold’s Fervor = 5/2 = 2.5x

–> 6x6x1.3125x2.5 = 118.125x

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Hey HK, i didn’t factor in buffed Akkhans. Thank you for that. But that list has changed some since i last saw it. Spelling fixes and all.

Your numbers are correct, 118x wowsers.

The density i saw 41.2T, so that would be a huge shot of 4.8Q, and my gear isnt even fully optimized. I think i have 290,000 thorns standing in town.

Hmm, I still have a nicely geared Invoker so I might try out the I6N2 thing on Thursday night. I guess Akarat’s Awaking will go into the 4th Cube slot for the CDR from blocks.

Yah, the damage potential is pretty crazy at 25 Invoker2 stacks.

Yeah for sure on that – it’s a quick one to setup and play. Roll the chest, shoulders and shield to bombardment%, roll off the weapon damage for CDR or something and jump in.

Akarat’s Awakening will make that build nice and easy for survival. Possibly Echoing Fury for max rift damage.

Looks like a lot of fun. Will be entertaining with all of the meteors flying around taking out the trash. I plan on checking that out.

Had playing the PTR with my well geared Invoker Crusader and the new Norvald set, I can say it doesn’t work out as hoped.

I feared a slow 2-hander, would gimp the build and it does. You really need the Attack Speed to stay alive.

But to my surprise, The Mortal Drama in cube and the Belt of Throve, worked very well to clear out thrash, for faster Grift times.

I can’t tell if this build is better than A6I2 build yet.

A6I2CC3 with norvalds on the ptr has 147 clear.

A6 buffs the impact of bombardments by 2000% which isnt the case with I6. Soo i never see a way where I6 could compare to A6 in terms of bombardment damage. And the singletarget that is delivered by I6 is gimped with the slow 2hand weapon.

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They should just move the belt multiplier onto Invoker 4pc. Make Norvald 1 handler. Problem solved.

ehhh and then?
Which problem does it fix? It just creates the problem of bombardment being locked behind a set.

It should if anything weave the thorns rune of bombardment into the 4pc by altering or strenghten it somehow.

I like that bombardment is free to use with either set and also LoD.

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There’s a GR150 solo up there now, with around 5900 paragon. Something tells me that’s going to get hit with a nerf-bat before we get to add a 4th Cube slot to make it even stronger.

It a nerf to A6I2 build. Other builds still get Mortal drama multiplier and auto cast from the belt which is good enough.

LOL you beat me too it. 150 at 5.9k wooo boy. Never want any build to get nerfs but
This is almost as good as the first version of AOV.

Using pigsticker and Akarats Awakening (King at single target), Mortal Drama and Belt of Throve (Thrash clearing)…
And forget about using Norvalds set with Invoker.
But Invoker is still buffed then, maybe not as much as Akkhan, but still better than before.

Edit: I’m using Crimsons aswell with Invoker.

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