Invoker set with Norvald set?

This makes the whole Invoker6 package work well – I recommend to anyone playing straight up Invoker set. I would even suggest a healthy balance of Attack Speed and Area Damage. I’m keeping up with the timer on GR135, at this stage you must kill both elites and trash to get ahead.

Though it does feel like Mortal Drama / Trove is pulling the weight.

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Ah, thanks for the remind . Almost forgot area dmg does work with thorn from skill

I finally got around to trying Invoker 6, captain, with norvalds and Endless Walk. It’s pretty fun although the 2 set got super gimped out. The 6 set bonus is cool. You can stack up stricken pretty fast but it takes a good 30 seconds until you are doing any real damage. I was hoping for more.