Innas Rework: Feedback

Let me start of by saying, I dont want to see any arguing or “my set/build wasnt buffed therefore I am angry” mentality on this Feeback. Stay resonable and be nice to each other!

So, I get as to why they reworked the Inna’s set and changed it to what we have on the PTR currently. I am by no means a Monk main, but I do enjoy my T16 LoD WoL/SWK WoL Key farmer and my speed GRs PoJ TR Monks. So I feel like I have a more or less un-biased view when it comes to changes on other Monk Builds.

Currently on Season 23 the Inna’s set does not have an Identity. Which means that to players like me it did make sense to make the set revolve around your Mystic Allies dealing your dmg, rather then your “MA” empowering other skills.

However, after play testing and testing all 3 ethereals with a Inna’s build. I cant seem to help myself but think that both the dmg and the DR (Damage Reduction) are a bit lets say off. You, with the “Crudest Boots” either on you or in the cube, start off with 2 “MA” which give you just 10% base DR, of course that means if you dont know that or are unlucky with the start of the rift, that you will most likely be one shot by an elite. Not to mention that it seems as if the mechanics of the Allies in general seems a bit too clunky, given how they dont really follow you like the mage AI from the necromancer and rather have there own will.

So, with all that said, my proposed change would be that:

  1. Mystic Allies follow you around more closely, stick to you like gum on your shoe
  2. Mystic Allies focus the target you “Cyclone Struck”
  3. Mystic Allies dont despawn (if possible)
  4. and potentially either let us have more Mystic Allies, or let the current ones stay forever after being summoned or up the numbers of the 6p Bonus.

Enough said from me. Have a great day all of you and stay safe!


Read the description of the 6p bonus. Rn only allies of your selected rune will spawn.


Thanks for that! Apreciate the clearing up of that!


They get all rune power tho.

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Elaborate on that please, dont understand in what context you are meaning that. Sorry about that.


Oh no. Sorry my bad. You get all the passives of the runes of MAs

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No worries, happens!

But still what’s confusing me is this line on the 6p Bonus: Inna’s Mantra (6) Bonus
Gain the passive abilities of the five runed Mystic Allies at all times. Does that mean that our “chosen Mystic Ally” gets the base effect or that we should get all the 5 base MAs at least?


basic you can pick only 1 MA runes, and the allies you summoned get passives from all 5 runes.

I think what you proposed was good, allowing the allies to be permanent after summoned is not too much ask for. What this build need is MA dmg buff, Inna dmg reduction buff, perm allies, better MA AI/focus. at least.


Yea that change shouldn’t, hopefully, be too much to ask. Either have Mystic Allies focus the target you Cyclone Strike or have them be strong enough that they on there own could kill enemies just not as fast without your intervention. Of course on top of that make them Proximity Alert, I dont want to activate my MAs and see one of them go away into the next screen that just feels bad.


@ O.P. first things first , you get 10 allies with mystic ally if you have crudest boots cubed , thats 50 % damage reduction. The problem is that monks have needed there own damage reduction ring , similar to barbs band of might and D.H.'s elusive ring for a long time … that would help the damage reduction problem alot. But as alot of people are saying the A.I. on allies is pretty bad.I want to use the fire allies but they wonder off to much to be real effective,i happen to like the rework concept for this build alot , it’s nice making use of a pets build with monk and for inna’s to “have it’s own identity” , I’ve been having alot of fun with this build on the PTR so far but i dont want this to go live with only water allies being somewhat reliable.They also need to have a counter that shows up on the ally skill to show you how many you have , i understand that wizards have that now , that would be a nice QoL improvement.The build seems pretty strong to me so far ,but i dont know how much of that is do to the Ethereal items … i need to test it on nonseason to see , but apart from the above criticisms i like the build :slight_smile: Peace


You do not get 10 allies, that was the old Inna. You now can get up to 10 allies as you keep attacking. They start to disappear once you stop attacking and, if you chose Fire, they explode when activated and you are back to two.
This pretty much kills Inna WoL and makes it yet another TR build.


wow you guys sure you did any checking of it at all I do not use TR or any of the other spenders, and I have to say it kicks a$$. The MA skill does all the work!

Yeah, it only kick a$$ in GR80, so what?

wow you just need to think of it as a NEW set, I’ve been up to a gr100, and there are a couple that have it over gr 120.

That’s why we provide feedback. Remember when PoJ came out or the masquerade set. Both of which where good but lacked dmg and where kinda clunky. They fixed it. Critisicm is good but please stay civil!

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You only need to look at the PTR leaderboards to know it’s a fail.
Less than players 70 for normal and only 3 in HC shows how dismal the revamp is.
I’m running Inna’s WoL and while it’s fun at T16 it soon seems to fade at higher GR’s.
Mystic allies run all over the place, a lot like Wiz mirror images making them less useful.
Time to change to DH and run around looking for ethereal’s to see how they go.

I think Crudest Boots were always a mistake. This set is made this way so you literally can’t play it without these boots. Everything is made so we had 10 pets. Was that ever necessary?
We have an entire army walking with us but this is not that fun in the end.

What I advice is removing the need of Crudest Boots. They could work not 5 * 2 but 5 + 1 and not being a must. Instead just up those 5 pets we have. This is not about quantity, this is about effectiveness and fun. Lets make the 6 pieces bonus not 950% per ghost but simply 10.000% for them. We would only have 1 of each kind but stronger. And boots will only give 1 more for those who want fun of this but this will not heavily change the power.

@yessquire . i read up to 10 on the ptr notes for the 6 piece change … in game i’m seeing 10 …if you are useing this build just for wave of light or TR for this build your missing out on the build that shines in the ptr right now , i use the water ally rune and it rocks. I have crap gear no augments and my legendary gems are at 50 and ive done a 111 pretty easy … my original statement stands you get 10 allies . If you stop attacking with a generator and cyclone strike while self procing the allies your playing it wrong. Peace

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So GR120, what is the point? The total damage buff is even less than the old inna, the reason why you can do mystic ally build is because of the new buffed bracer and the crudest boot. The old inna with these two new buffed item can do even better since it is a all damage build and you can use EP. GR120 is almost its limit. That is not what most of the monk player want. We want it to be at least capable of GR140+ push.

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dude you all keep think of it like the old inna’s, and think about setting it up as a MA build, gr120 with crap gear para less then 750 and no gems over 27. so what would it do if some got all the gems over 100 and best gear with para over 2k?