Incoming exploits GG Blizzard (RIP Season 25)

There are obviously some exploits going on. For the uninformed this happens almost every season, and it always involves the the DH.

The exact exploits being used are unknown at this time but there are exploits being used.

To see what I’m referring to, as we head over to the Asia server where season 25 has already been started, we can find on the SOLO DH leaderboard, there are not only players that already have a paragon of about 2k-3, but have also cleared a gr around 138 -144 in about 3-4 minutes with this low of a paragon.

Oh BTW I didn’t mention the most interesting part, there are no soulshards involved in this.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see exploits have clearly been used for this

While this is only in the Asia server for now, you can expect this to happen on all servers.

You can also bet your A$$ Blizzard is well aware of this.



great job blizzard

Wait…are you telling me the season is over and I can’t play it?!

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You seem to be confused about what season is actually for so let me remedy it.

Season is and always has been nothing more than a bot and cheater pissing contest under the guise of get some cosmetic rewards.

You will notice that all times people without fail always mention the Leaderboard constantly for everything trying to argue it’s legitimate and what is at the top is somehow the best or top build with flagrant disregard of how those builds got to the top and who is controlling them.

Bots and cheaters could get the same result with Blackthorns and people would still argue it’s the best and top build


I think blizzard is already aware…i could be wrong

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I run solo and do not care about what others are doing all I want is the new Diablo pet. Bring on D4.


Blizzard always adds something like that which is used to disguise the abysmal leaderboard in this game.

The entire leaderboard needs to be eliminated.

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I do not care about the cheater boards. I hope they do better with D4 leave the cheater boards in D3.

Seeing as Blizzard posted in the Bug report forum about it, yes Blizzard is aware. In addition to the post this morning, they just posted an update.

The video was posted there many hours ago along with lots of detailed reports about the Asia season rollover. Complete with pictures.

None of this is news, and so far I have not seen anything about EU issues. They did not have the Season end issues that Asia did which are impacting this new season.


Yet they don’t remove the leaderboard.

They probably want to fix the actual issue before they even bother messing with the leaderboards…


Your hatred for the game, seasons, leaderboards, etc is not going to cause Blizzard to remove them.

They will deal with the Season end bugs, Season start bugs, and restart the season if the devs feel it is needed.


MissC is not a “cheater” I think she is more into D2R. I am not sure is she plays D3 that much (I could be wrong).

Okay, okay, okay, I heard ya.

But you didn’t answer my question.

Is Season 25 cancelled or can I still play it?

Help me out here man.

Can I play or not?!

Rest In Peace S25? When’s the funeral?

Of course you can it should be live for me shortly.

I’m pretty sure, yes. You can never be certain these things with a person deranged enough to think 89 years old is still in high school, has a grandchild they’re a legal guardian of but has to worry the out of the picture mother might not take kindly to her son playing Diablo 3, has a mother that’s still alive and runs a Fortune 500 company.

I could go on.

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I just find it hilarious that the OP never answered my question.

Because by saying, “Yes, you can still play” his argument is entirely invalid.

The best Diablo player ever.

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It’s interesting how all of you gang up on people saying this exact type of post is against the forum rules and you go out of your way to flag it…Yet none of you flock to mass reporting on your own posts…

I’m pretty sure this is a blatant code of conduct violation in more ways than one, it’s malicious, rude, slandering, provoking, trolling, flaming, inciting, harassment,

I could go on.

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