Incoming exploits GG Blizzard (RIP Season 25)

Thanks, Bravata. Whatever you say, ma’am.

BTW I don’t see miss cheetah poking her nose in to that reply I just quoted like she goes out of her way to do with specific people for doing this exact thing.

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How many alt accounts did he say he had 8? He must be using all of them.


It’s a true statement though, so none of these apply.

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Where does it say that the only way to apply any of those is to a false statement?

Why did you change accounts Stanner?


I could ask the same of you seeing all the replies bashing him are the same.

Because merely repeating what you’ve said clearly does not apply. It’s a statement of fact.

Incorrect, I have only ever had one account. Try harder next time.

Nice evasive dodge to not answer the question.

Where does it say if a statement is true then it cannot be harassing, rude, malicious, berating. And you didn’t repeat it, you are using it as a verbal assault.

Guys (gals?), obvious troll is obvious.

All of the things Idolis listed are quotes from Bravata, so yes, it’s just repeated information.

Then he can say the same thing.

Also saying all the replies bashing him are are all the same is incorrect is false, they are all the same.

So are you telling me you’re his alt account? Because it would be ridiculous to apologize for his blatant toxicity otherwise.

EDIT: pretty obvious since you started posting right when he stopped KEKW.

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Seeing as he already has claimed he has a multitude of accounts says he can’t.

Funny how when the person you’re attacking repeats something, you all come out of the woodwork yelling and throwing a fit how he hasn’t repeated anything. You all come up with really dumbfounding and mind boggling replies that do not even make any sense

But now that I’m doing to you all exactly what you do to others using your exact methods
you changing what you do to others as something else

Incorrect again the person we are referring to has told us that he uses several accounts. If you do not know what you are talking about stay out of it.

Give one specific example of me doing that.

LOL one thing I’ve come to understand about when people like you post a reply like that, you have zero proof of anything you say.

The on going trend you people do is say things …that is all you do is talk. There is never anything but your words of fake claims.

So no i do not take what you said serious because you have no proof he ever said that.

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Give me proof he uses multiple accounts?

You don’t get to make false statements and deny proof when ti’s asked then ignore you are being asked by requiring me to give something to you.

Another thing I’ve noticed you people do is you like to make claims with no evidence, then when someone asks you to provide proof, you ignore it which you then have the audacity to someone else provide you with proof of what you ask.