Inarius will likely return

In the cinematic reveal trailer when Lilith is being summoned there is a brief clip of an angel in chains. Which is pretty similar to the fate of Inarius. With all the other main angels accounted for and the timing of showing him, I can see him being an Act Boss or something. What do you guys think?


It would be wasted potential if he didn’t. That being said, he was a prisoner to Mephisto and in my opinion, he’s not in any condition to break himself out, so seeing how he got out will be interesting, to say the least

“[Mephisto] bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back of the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out the once glowing skin and his features were distorted by vile powers. Many of the followers of Inarius were given as gifts to Baal and Diablo, but the rest were molded to match the bloated image of the now crippled angel. To this day, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity.”
-Diablo Manual

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Lilith will send us to rescue Inarius (Dev said we were going back into Hell) he will have gone mad from torture and being deformed, and he and Lilith will fall in love again.
They will destroy our character when they feel us no use anymore.
Make evil, corrupted Nephalem, and Dominate Heaven and Hell, as the King and Queen of Sanctuary. and D5 will be us and Heaven/Hell, vs Lilith, Inarius, and corrupted Nephalem.


Lord Jesse Mccree said Inarius’ jailer is one of the demons that are ravaging Sanctuary

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Unless we are killing nephalem, Lilith being a major enemy makes no sense. Releasing Inarius and seeing him become a major enemy seems solid, though I would like to see more paganism finding itself woven into the gothic element of the game, where the Lilith + Inarius destruction of humanity through the nephalem more of “just another questline” in an open world adventure through Hell on Earth (Sanctuary).

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Wow, this is horrifying! Hell, indeed.

And it’s probably Duriel, Lord of Pain, possibly with help from his twin Andariel, Maiden of Anguish!

I think he will return but who’s going to break him out? Not the angels i don’t think. He was gifted to mephisto by the angiris council. So unlikely heaven or hell will free him.

Someone earlier mentioned possibly with liliths aid we will set him free and the 2 love birds will reconcile their differences. However inarius did banish lilith so she might still be bitter about that. However inarius could be really pissed off that heaven gifted him to hell and he has been tortured for who knows how long. he’s got 2 good reasons to be pissed and possibly working with lilith again for vengeance is motivation enough.

Cause what reasons do we the heroes on our own want to free him?

I’m really interested in the direction their going with. I hope its full of twists and turns and features more lore about other characters.

If the game takes a grounded approach, perhaps it is seen as necessary to free him to find someone who can properly counter her given the apparent power void in the games. Nothing like someone who knows her being someone who can counter her, though taking that approach is as silly as using Lilith to counter Inarius himself - as far as being trustworthy goes, they’re made for each other. But, I suppose millenia and more of imprisonment may induce a change of attitude in either or both parties.

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Perhaps releasing Inarius to use against Lilith would end in a mutually assured destruction scenario. They’ll end up taking each other out.

I don’t know about that. Inarius i think made a promise that he would never kill lilith. Think that’s why he banished her twice.

Wouldn’t say a promise per se; while he has a record of not wanting to go all the way, the first was flat out him not being willing to kill a being he had such a history with, and the second in its portrayal was very much a ‘well, you brought this on yourself, back to the cage…’ as a punishment to go beyond death. I’m open to correction if a source says otherwise.

sure inarius has the ability to send her to the void or as you say is someone who can counter her. but… what is she really doing wrong? her endgame plan is to use the nephalim to defeat both heaven and hell. the high heavens as we have been told (if the devs are not throwing us for a loop) are currently out of the picture. the hells are released back into the world. so what threat is there? there are only 3 choices. the high heavens, the burning hells, or the nephalim. we been told not high heavens. we do not know the fate of the nephalim (but arent the heroes nephalim too?).
which leaves us with the burning hells left unchecked to roam sanctuary.

“Blessed Mother, save us”.

save us from who exactly? and would inarius first plan of action to make a bee line for lilith and banish her for the 3rd time if freed? who’s going to free him. high heavens? highly unlikely. burning hells? um they are torturing him so i dont think so. us the heroes? probably blizzard will have us do this but for what reasons i have no clue. but for being tortured for who knows how long, will inarius have revenge on his mind? or will he find solitude and embrace his freedom? if he will play a part in d4 i’m thinking he’s going to have revenge on his mind else they just added him to the story for no reason other than to free him. i hope blizzard writers have some good lore for this.

Inarius is not stronger than Lilith;
Obv Lilith is not the strongest enemy, her danger does not lie in her strength but her knowledge about human’s heart.
If the story is loyal to the character, we face the worst enemy that Sanctuary has stepped on since the Sin War, if she learned the lesson, I am very afraid that we will not be able to defeat her in “vanilla.”

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I appreciate respect for her non-combat capabilities, but surely a little more credit is due to the protagonist. I would have no problem with her defeat not actually happening in vanilla, but on that same line, a decently executed story could result in at least her defeat/retreat, though not necessarily her destruction. And in that case, well, it wouldn’t be the first time she played ‘goner’ for the sake of her assailants, although pulling that would probably look gimmicky to many people despite that indeed being precedented in her character.

If the writers fit her role and Lilith does what she should do, that is, take complete control of the Triune, hide her true body elsewhere, awaken the nephalem powers of the woman she is going to possess and take that body.
(lore-wise) That means, she should be the most powerful enemy a diablo player has ever faced since the Ancients in D2.

My post does not reference strength. Thanks for playing.

I wonder if she would possess the player character from Diablo 3. Because in the books she did pose has Lucion for awhile if I am not mistaken. It would explain how she could possess a male or female D3 char.

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I don’t think so, although She can, hopefully, devs continue the tradition of the beginning of the saga and we can discover the fate of the characters of D3 (PC, followers and NPCs).

If the writers of the story are faithful to the character, She will hide her true body in a safe place and look for another body or several that She can possess, preferably young and attractive women who have previously awakened their nephalem powers, although She can be anyone.

D4 is going to be La Reconquista and it can be very interesting.

No, Inarius is imprisoned in the chamber of mirrors. They even showed him still in chains.

  • They also said at Blizzcon 2021 that we will not be close to his prison in D4.