If you could implement an endgame content what would it be?

This question was asked in the D2:R forum, and since I can’t respond because I refunded the game, I thought I’d share my opinion, as I feel it should be added to D2 (2000) as well.

Simply, fill in the holes of act 4 by adding new areas and quests.

I’d like (in the form of an expansion, not in LoD) to have a mapping system of sorts. I fell in love with the concept of being able to farm and customize maps with certain affixes and extra challenges, it’s one of the few things I highly liked about PoE.

But if that is too crazy, I think implementing whatever unimplemented content the original devs left out due to time restrictions or due to their loss of files would be interesting, although probably impossible with the original devs long gone from the company and David Brevik in particular explicitly stating he no longer supports Blizzard and won’t even play D2R.

Do you know if multiple copies of the bnet app can be sandboxied and 4 copies of D3 can be played on the same pc?

I think you can, but doing that in D3 isn’t nearly as useful. You’re gonna be more efficient farming a higher GR than leaving afk characters in the party to increase the difficulty and drops. The reason why multiplayer is so strong is because of teamwork in that game (especially team compositions and such), so unless you can control the 4 characters at once you won’t have any advantage.

I figured if it can be done with D3 it can be done with D2:R, and if that’s the case if they fix the hotkey bindings on the mouse, then I might invest in the game. I’m suffer cognitive dissonance, but thankfully my logical mind usually wins most arguments. :laughing:

Yes, you can sandbox bnet 2.0 games. A lot of people do that in WoW. Even when Blizzard took a stance about it, they only banned the use of any means (hardware or software) to mirror inputs between multiple instances of the game (IE press one key in one box and that input happens in all boxes). Since you don’t do that, you’ll be fine. There have been a few false positives in WoW but they were all reversed by appealing.

I’d of posted this in the other related topic but I can’t, I have to wait for someone else to post something there.

I noticed on the bnet app when you click the D2:R tab, on the D2:R prepurchase slide screen they have a D3 barbarian.

Rhykker made a good point about this today. If this kind of stuff isn’t done by the original devs (especially with the same voice acting and Matt Uelmen composing the soundtrack), it has a huge chance of feeling completely out of place with the rest of D2. And especially considering your concerns with D3 references, there’s a big change they would change or retcon things to fit better with the canon of D3, because that’s what they wanted to do with WC3 Reforged too (didn’t happen because the project was pretty much sabotaged by big suits though).

It’s probably better to leave the game alone after all.

His video was 4 days ago and he was talking about a new act. What I’m suggesting doesn’t require assets they don’t already have, plus act 4 has no music.

Sure but I wouldn’t leave it to them to not put Imperius in Act IV or some nonsense

I’m talking about adding in more areas and six wps to complete the act.

That would be great, but I absolutely doubt they would stop at that. That kind of game development usually includes quests and lore, and the writers for that would be D3 lorewriters.

If you don’t care about lore, that’s a non issue. For me it would be a game killer.

I understand completely your argument, and even though I don’t care about lore, I’d not want them to mess with it because of people like you that love that aspect of the game. I’d just like my alvl 85’s expanded. I know they have all the monster assets for act 4, they also have the assets for the environment, as both are used in the expansion, and no music required. :slight_smile:

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Completely fair, act iv music is pretty much “spooky ambient noise”, that’s true. Imo your idea would work if it was “filler” zones, that is, zones that are inserted between the zones that already exist, as zones to level up maybe with some optional dungeons and elite packs with no lore significance (which does exist in the other acts of the game). I’m just worried if they would leave it at that.

I’m the type of guy that likes to be fully immersed in my character and the world around him and have a story justification for everything (probably comes from my background of tabletop RPG and story driven RPGs). It’s a big turnoff for me in D3, that they actually wrote some ok world lore but a terrible narrative, terrible characters, stupid retcons, etc. I actually really like D1 and D2 story and lore, D1 in particular is godlike in that department, even though the story is non-intrusive and you pretty much only see it if you want to.

I need to correct myself, the ambient noise is still music. Years ago I purchased the sound track on iTunes, so I assume they still have that.

I just want to crush monsters. Act 5 has 4 alvl 85s, so it’d be sweet if Act 4 got an additional 2 more and maybe a mlvl 90 boss that could be added to the exp farming. But that might be a lore issue.

Something that doesn’t take making new artwork. Maybe new runewords. Maybe a map system where it reuses game maps like Ubers do already like Uber Lilith in tower. Like palette swaps on old maps and boss palette swaps to be stronger versions of existing stuff. They have different colors and abilities in the game already. Existing maps with color changes and random modifiers to the enemies. Idk how good it would be though if it’s worth the effort.
I don’t see anything beyond this kind of thing because anything new just won’t fit the old game