If you could implement an endgame content what would it be?

When it comes to endgame content people always think of new act, new bosses. But like some of the people said, it will require new story, voice actors not being available and finally…making a legacy version of it as well which I don’t know if it would be possible.

So lets see what would be possible to make from what we got.

So new act is out of question, but what about 4th difficulty? Available from start rewardless and questless 5 acts which are all equall in ramped up difficulty and where specific areas and act bosses would have a SLIGHTLY improved chance of dropping specific items. All acts would only drop elite base items including uniques. White, blue, rares and socketed items however would only drop at 30%-50% more of what drops in hell so despite 4th difficulty droping only elite items you still won’t have your screen littered with gear. Slightly increased exp gain.

I am also debating whether to remove waypoints for high risk, high reward feel.

I was also thinking about an end game ‘infinite dungeon’ with randomly generated mixed interiors each time you enter new level such as catacombs, tal rasha tombs, kuras temples, icy passage, that ramps up in difficulty and every 5 levels feature a boss. So only like really well geared group of people or individuals would be able to go so deep. Maybe create ladderboard as well of people who been able to reach like certain level before resigning.

You’re cannot have “slightly” improved chance of specific items if the only base items dropping are elite class. Just in doing that you have littered the game with ethereal, socked, exceptional versions, and with those being the only item class dropping, then that’s what all the uniques and sets will be. You will have effectively made Tyreal’s Might more common than Rattlecage and Silks of the Victor.

This shows a lack of understanding in how mf works in the game.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t mind a 4th difficulty that left the item tables alone, but it made monsters more difficult. Add one immunity to all mobs, increase their hp, damage, resistances. Keep the drop rates the same because people wouldn’t be able to solo it, so it would always be a party-difficulty.

Won’t happen, but a fun idea. Some of us just like the challenge and don’t need increased rewards. You’ll have to be geared just to run it, so the challenge/reward would be getting the title for beating it :slight_smile:

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I will stick with my idea.

Add 3 materials to the game, Cow Hoove(Normal), Cow Hide(Nightmare) and Cow Horns(Hell). Only 1 can drop in each difficulty.

You get 1 of each, put in cube in Hell. Add TP Tome.

Opens New Portal(stays in all your hell games on That Character)

Portal comes out, in the middle of the Three cows north of Tristam in Diablo 1.

You now have access to a remake of D1. You can complete the whole game as a Diablo 2 Hero. Reusing all the dialog from D1.

This new “Act” has new Mercs, a Rogue(different appearance then Act 1) Uses Multi Shot, Sorcerer(different appearance then Act 3) Uses Fireball, Glacial Spike and Lighting, and Warrior uses Concentrate Skill and Smite.

Add in new updated Appearance versions of the Uniques from D1.

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I don’t want anything crazy, I just think it would be awesome if they could do something like Project D2 with maps we can find and explore. They would basically just be gigantic lvl 85 areas to run, and would be filled to the brim with lots of monsters with some kind of fun boss at the end. This would provide an interesting option for exp and mfing outside of baal or running the pit 1000 times.

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  1. I like the idea of a new 4th level of difficulty for Diablo 2 resurrected: normal, nightmare, hell, inferno.

I’d call the 4th difficulty after hell: inferno.

  1. I like the idea of a randomly generated dungeon.

  2. I would love to see a new act 6 or more content in act 4.

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I like your idea of the gigantic level 85 area, loaded with monsters!

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Honestly, I can’t think of anything “good” maps/grifts is pretty much the answer (outside the cow level D1 above) but with that kinda of thing, well, if it completely replaces all other options for end game, I’m out.

There’s a bunch to do currently, mf leveling pvp etc, and anything I can think of that would be additional would likely replace all but pvp and I can’t sit in a single portal and farm endlessly. That’s why I quit d3 and poe.

I always liked maps in Poe and rifts in D3. They were ultimately inspired by the procedural generation of all the normal areas in D2. That’s why D2 doesn’t need them so much. I would also be crucified for saying D2R should have maps by people that I tend to agree with philosophically.

D2’s endgame variety is pretty great as is. There are many good places to level and magic find. Of course Baal runs are the most efficient for leveling, and a certain few areas like the pit and ancient tunnels are good for targeting certain levels of magic finding.

What I do like about maps in other games though is the variety of weird combinations you get. Sometimes very strange and unpredictable. Having random monster + tile set varieties with weird bosses scattered around is a cool way to grind. If something like this was put into D2R I probably wouldn’t lose my sh!t but I wouldn’t be upset. Mixed feelings I guess. I doubt anything like that is realistic to expect, and it may not necessarily benefit the game. There is plenty of endgame content as is.

Hope it don’t include a panda bear whatever it turns out to be

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