I want to buy Diablo 4 but

I want to buy Diablo 4 for PC,but before i do that, i want to be sure of some things,before i spend 41 euro

  1. Party is like in Diablo 3 or is different?
    2.This game have join in progress like Diablo 3?U can play with other people through internet or only with friends?I ask this because i see only invite friends option on social tab…
    It is possible to make host and then to open game public like in D3?
    3.What is the max cap level for heroes?After reach lvl cap ,u can progress with paragon points like in Diablo 3 or not?Or system have different progress?
    4.in D4 u can have pet like in D3 or not?
    5.After u finish campaign u can play bounties adventure map and rift+greater rift map like in D3 or not?

Really i want to buy this game,but if is only campaign…is not worth it :expressionless:

thanks in advance

1 + 2.) Different. It’s a lot closer to an “MMO” like WoW, in that other people are “just there” along with you. It’s somewhat technical behind the scenes, but usually you see at least 15 or so other people at a given time. Parties are up to I think 4 people (it’s been forever since I even played the game, let alone partied up) but it’s NOT “join in progress.” It’s more like “hey, this rando invited you after seeing you in the same area the boss is spawning at, but if you join them, the world space adapts in real, persistent time, to their story completion until you leave the party.”

3.) Character level cap is 100. From levels 2 - 49 you gain “skill points” one per level. Starting at level 50, you gain a Paragon point and get 1 for every 1/4 level (so 4x per level). Paragon boards are pretty customizable but ultimately boil down to “get a bunch of stat gains in order to pump up one or two interesting nodes.” KIND of like PoE’s system but WAY less complicated overall.

4.) No “non combat pet” that I’m aware of. You can customize your mount’s appearance, and current Season (3rd one) is based on building / leveling up a custom combat follower robot thing. idk, didn’t sound interesting to me.

5.) See points 1 and 2. It’s a persistent world. Basically, campaign mode forces you to play the campaign story before unlocking the “cool stuff” but unlike D3, the story in the campaign is actually decent (it’s what sold me to buy the game in the first place). It’s just… they’re HEAVILY monetizing it, which means do NOT expect closure. They gotta sell those annual expansions somehow…

Overall, if I had to give a :+1: or :-1: recommendation, it’s an unfortunate :-1: in my book. Mainly because there’s some good nuggets of game buried in there, not unlike how D3 was at launch. But, D3 needed like 4 more years in the oven to really cook, and then spent the next 6 after that being garnished into where it is now. And now they want me to let them cook D4 another several years.

I’m done waiting for my meal, sirs. I have D3 to snack on while I peruse other restaurants.


I would not recommend it. The developers are not very good, and whenever new game content comes in play, there is always bugs or issues. I have been happy playing the Diablo franchise since 2000, and playing Diablo 4 is the first time playing any Diablo Game that I get extremely angry with the direction the game goes. Every season has been a disappointment, and the developers just don’t get it. They get their feedback from content creators that just post garbage to get views for paychecks. Last season, they had us grind the Arbitoire of Zir for countless hrs with the only reward being the upgrade of a glyph at .02% which takes you forever to upgrade and then you do not get to keep it. There is a patch coming out tomorrow that will enable us to craft one uber unique from shards that you get when salvaging 5 uber uniques. The problem is that most of us will not even get 5 uber uniques in a season. I think you will be more disappointed than pleased, so just save your money…



The diablo4 devlopers are banana sellers. Do not waste ur cash, get a pizza, and enjoy diablo3 2 or 3.


Plz dont ! if you dont want your money give to homeless, not to a billionaire compagny for a crapy game !


Don’t waste your time or money. D3 is much better, even D2. D4 is a huge disappointment for me and many others. Blizzard screwed up royally with the game. I don’t like MMORG games, people in it with me when I want to play single player. Items make no sense and its a very difficult game to get ahead, Drops suck and the story line is so huge you can 't make head nor tails of what is going on. The map is huge but most of it you can’t even play at certain levels. Many of the buffs are meaningless and overall it’s just a huge failure.


I can’t stand that. I can’t imagine anyone thinking it is an improvement over the norm. Even just in town, in the beginning with Immortal I thought well it is pretty cool to see other people running around town, it doesn’t break the immersion like them messing about in the world does. Then you remember there are like 4 points of interest in a town and every time you want to click on one of those you see 20 other losers just staring at the thing in the exact same spot overlapping with each other and then you realise how dumb it is.


I mean it’s Blizz ofc it’s bad man what’s that question even :smiley: in the last 10 years they have barely done anything that’s worth the money and this isn’t gonna change^^

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Maybe I shouldn’t ask, but what?

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Why dont you post on the Eu forums then?

This picture, showing the 10 most recent threads in General Discussion on the EU forums, should indicate why players post on the US forums…

i.e. the EU forums are dead.


This thread just reconfirms how i felt about the game after trying the open beta.

Seems like a game i just want to play for the campaign and move on.

I will wait for it be heavily discounted.

I can pick up D4 for AU$65 when discounted right now. But why should i when i paid less for Tekken 7 DE, Chorus, and that Capcom Humble Bundle with 60+ classic Capcom games? And those games are way more replayable imho.

D4 has just lost another reason to buy it. It’s now been confirmed to be added to the Game Pass in March. So if you have the subscription, problem solved.

No, it isnt worth the 41 euro, against better judgement and other ones advises i still bought it, and it was an ok game for me, but got bored very fast and for me it wasnt worth.

Why dont you mind your own buisiness then? You accuse others of trolling your ow so holy thread, that you should have the power to remove those trolls from your thread, and now you come to troll other mans threads?


Because my life is so much less interesting? :laughing:

Kidding have a nice day :sunglasses:


True I wonder what they will do with Diablo, D2R and D3 now.

Diablo Immortal also sent out surveys a couple of weeks ago which were heavily focused on whether folks would like to see DI on Game Pass, what sort of benefits (in-game) would convince people to buy the Game Pass, and so on. If that happened, I’m not sure how they’d deal with PC-based DI players having Game Pass benefits and phone / tablet players not.

Despite repeated updates, in it’s current form, no, Diablo 4 is not worth they money you pay. You’ll really try hard to want to like it but you should not have to do that for a game you paid that much for.

You troll in his thread and you lecture him about “trolling” here? You’ve got some nerve.

Funny coming from you. :rofl:


Do you have a question in regards to the thread or are you just here for your usual balderdash? If the former, let’s discuss.