I really do not understand the Zumi nerf

You might be on to something. Still WD builds over all fall behind compared to the other class builds. That’s why it’s questionable to balance builds with in the class, instead of compareing all of them to eachother.

CC immune is for all builds yeah? Sure zuni has huge QoL benefits along with all solo or non zB grouped meta. With apoc (resource on crit stealing wiz term), dagger of dart is a signature skill.

Perhaps you are more solo minded, think SB as group trash killer and look at anything remotely possible as TK, such as Masquerade Bone Spear, DMO Twister etc.


My impression too from my first look at the patch notes.

This is the wrong way to do balancing. People will just start pushing each season with the strongest class going forward and that’s not healthy.

Every class needs at least one build that, at the same paragon, is as competitive with other class’ top build.


At first, I didn’t know why Zuni was nerfed, but later I found out that if Zuni was nerfed, I would be able to play LOD POISON DART,so zuni’s nerf is none of my business. Anyway, this is the balance between LOD and SET

Zuni is very fragile, and its 6-p set mechanism is also very poor. Being nerfed is not a bad thing. If you want to play poison dart, you can play LoD posion dart.

Couldn’t believe that they are nerfing Zuni when I read the patch notes.

Having to hit enemies with a spirit spender to do damage was already a pretty clunky mechanism.

Blizzard keeps hitting the builds that I love: they destroyed the only pet set of Necromancers to give us a clunky playstyle, Inna was turned into a zero damage build until your cooldown comes along, Marauder is getting nerfed this season too.

The only good things in this patch for me is that they didn’t touch the Immortal King set and the Crusader Hammer build got a much needed QOL change.


But it isn’t enough. It needs faster FS jumps and they should merge supporting lego items to make it work more smoother. Seeker set is one of the sets that also needs a buff in multipliers.

With all these WD nerfs to the builds I have on my HC WD that I rarely play, I’m thinking maybe I should bin him and start a new WD in SC. Anyway, we’ll see which WD rock going forward.

Oh I completely agree. Besides a damage buff the set also needed a boost in survivability (but it’s been a while since I played).

The falling sword change was something that should have been corrected a long time ago.

Really though, all similar mechanics need that change.

I don’t think development team looks at Leaderboards when balancing any kind of build, but consider the effort required to maintain it at minimal level instead. So any outcries about your “power level” is meaningless to them; higher the effort, higher the power granted. When changes brought forth a modicum amount of differences and ease to decision making, they acknowledge that and do tweaks accordingly.

I will give a call to development team here and ask CC immunity node (Omen) of Altar to be nerfed slightly and brought down to 20-30% reduction from crowd control instead. After that, those direct nerfs onto Trag’Oul, Zunimassa and Tal Rasha need to be considered again.

To argue my point further, I’ll remind that you kept Father potion effect for random Shrines, and this would grant enough cooldown reduction to upkeep most of the ultimate skills for CC immunity. From what I recall, Passability through enemies (Revelation) and extra movement speed (Exodus) would give enough positioning advantage.
In case build doesn’t use or have any kind of CC immunity at hand, those still should suffice and will force player to break away from committing their damage output.

seeker still needs +7GR buff.ptr 2.7.7 seeker is still a trash.

Yeah that’s what i said. :slight_smile:

Gabriel’s Vambraces is a trash item,Aughild can completely replace it(if use Unstoppable Force Rune). It should be given a 400% holly hammer damage increase.

I think we shouldn’t derail this thread, maybe we can start a new. :slight_smile:

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Exactly. The problem with having classes at different power levels means players are screwed for multiplayer. I love playing WD. I hate wanting to play with others only to be told to switch my class. The only way I can play with others and play WD is to do T16 farming.

I shouldn’t have to play another build I don’t want to play 90% of the time to enjoy the build I want to play 10% of the time.

Absolutely not tal rasha, is too versatile It need to stay down. Wiz can perma squirts. If builds like tal is reconsifering than 2/3 shields from Wiz has to be reworked so no perma squirts are possible. Best to nerf an outlier to break more builds. Same goes to Trag and Raekor. tbh resources should allocate to likes of savages and vrs Instead of reconsidering way over the top dominant builds. Last thing we want is another meta of wiz speed as all zB pretty much lost the ability to properly lead Proper progression generation setups even with OP Trag Nova TK. Likes of tal meteor is more toxic than casual friendly.

How does the first and second sentence go together?

The Mundugunu nerf was worse for me, as that is the fun WD build, and it was not overpowered and probably needed a buff. So they buffed the two most unfun builds to compensate. Great.

It is precisely because Zuni poison dart has these two major drawbacks, but LOD poison dart’s damage is lower than zuni (2GR). After Zuni is nerfed, players who like poison dart can focus on playing LoD poison dart.

My patch 2.7.7 wish list,Blizzard is completely opposite to my idea,They actually think that both Zuni and Mundu are too powerful

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