I don't get why people are against ploot

i dont get why people are still asking this question

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Which you might as well just go back to FFA loot at that point.

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Artop leave it alone FFA is the standard for this REMASTER and it won’t be touched, deal with it. Enjoy FFA tomorrow and stop spamming every damn thread on the forums with your 2k posts


I don’t understand fully, so I haven’t commented on this yet.

If loot drop percentages are not changed… which I think is the accepted form of this being asked for? The packs of unique monsters and bosses would have a chance for someone, even a couple someones, in a game of 8 to just drop nothing? If someone wants that as an option I can’t argue, I just don’t see that as ever being a more enjoyable way to play the game.

I’d honestly rather they put effort into developing something else though. It would split the playerbase, at least for a while.

Ploot was going to be the only option for the game. They just didn’t know how to implement it. So your argument doesn’t hold since everything about the design of the game was meant to work with Ploot. Since it was going to be an option in the next expansion we never got.

I can post what I want. I will enjoy FFA as I have for the past 16 or so years. I don’t have a problem with an optional system existing for those that want it though.


To me, what sucks more than seeing someone snatch up an item I wanted, is never even having a chance to grab the item for myself.

Group play for me in diablo 2 was all about the character progressing through the story, focusing on a quest, or leveling. All with the opportunity to possibly grab an item. As it was expected I wouldn’t get everything I would not be upset to miss a drop.

Mfing was a solo experience, or in a large game but going off on my own. That way I was guaranteed drops.

Also, I feel that if ploot was ever introduced that it will kill rushing and that it will lessen the amount of baal/chaos games as players won’t enjoy not having opportunities for all loot.

I love the diablo series and d2 may be my favorite game of all time. I am against ploot, unless there is a better argument for it than the ones being presented.

But I am by no means against change. I will play and enjoy d2r as is, but I look forward to possible patches that may include new features/items/skill tweaks/etc that could shift the meta. New patches were always my favorite times with d2.


Killing rushing isn’t a bad thing, but it has no effect on it at all.

Rushing is simply the most boring way to play the game since it’s playing it by not playing the game.

I hope they remove rushing down the road since literally every patch from 1.06 to 1.09 introduced something to remove it from the game. They just never succeeded. xD

Why would you want ploot?

If you want guaranteed drops, play solo.

If you want intelligent sharing of loot play with your friends or join a guild.

Once you join a pub game, the expectation is to grab whatever drops as fast as possible. You snooze? You lose.


People are against Ploot because they want to fight for the loots.
They don’t want things to be easy to get “Free loot” There is nothing wrong with a little bit competitions. One last thing, Blizz will do a better job to ban cheaters because D2:R is not on the old bnet so It will be way more easy for them to detect them and perma ban them aswell.

Fight for Loot, or get nothing. Anyway If you want Ploot, just create a game with PW.


I don’t know if the new bnet will stop bots, dIII had bots, i know someone who admitted they ran them. and never got banned.

You could stop being lazy and read one of the 18927348148 other threads on the subject instead of making a new one so everyone can repeat themselves. Again.

Actually he’s just making them to screw with the babies who keep creating FFA only threads. So considering they make about 5 of those for just this one here. I don’t see the problem. xD

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I don’t see rushing as bad. Like everything else it’s a choice.

I enjoyed helping friends level alts and while I enjoy playing new characters if I ever build pvp characters I want them leveled asap.

It also gives players a way of earning wealth by rush for forge or items. Granted usually a level of trust needed there.

Just because one group does it doesn’t mean the other needs to.

Both of them should stop because it’s idiotic.

Thats when you create a private game. If you got PLoot, literally no one would ever play solo then. Plus this would exploit so many things. I can see 1 serious player, and 7 leechers full of mf and gold find gear barbs already.

Plus it would obviously flood the economy with items, when 30% of the game interacting with people and trading at times.

You dont get Stuff handed to you in diablo 2. Go do 50 Mephisto runs and deal with it.


There is ploot in the game
It’s called single player bnet games
I played beta ploot been playing ploot for 20 years
Closed bnet games (password or only one player games ) for loot
Open games for trade and xp


I’m completely against ploot (and clearly so are most players), but as much as I love watching people lick windows, it’s getting boring lol. If you can’t come up with a new argument for ploot, why post about it? Just go prep for launch and enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be, with no ploot.


I’m hoping d4 dosent have ploot
Just to watch rhe kids cry :cry: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Forums aren’t a realistic depiction of even 5% of the community that is going to be in game. Let alone that 99% of the community are never going to use them. So no there is no such evidence you speak of. Everyone on these forums represent a minority.

However, you can infer what those players are going to want if you played PoE.