I don't get why people are against ploot

How does this affect your game, besides losing the ability to grab every single thing a boss drops?


I see what you did there, except they wouldn’t lose the ability because FFA games would still exist. NEXT.


how does ploot affect your game negativly?

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ploot sucks , just like the topics, which pop up like every hour.

FFA games will always exist. NEXT.


you say ploot sucks, but why do you not like it? give us an awnser…


The answer is simple:

It changes the core gameplay of why D2 is as popular as it is. Item trading.


That’s how it affects me. :woozy_face: I wish to grab eeeeeeeverything~


It doesn’t. I thought your post was trolling tbh, misread it. Carry on. I was just saying people could still do that in their FFA games, so there isn’t a negative aspect for the FFA players that want to keep their optional way.


It doesn’t though. People would still trade items all the time. Personal loot is just an allocation method.


It actually doesn’t. Since you can still trade just fine with it.

Literally all it does is force a even split of all loot in the game. Thus why it doesn’t have any downsides because it does too little to even have downsides. xD You can tweak it to do whatever you want so any possible negative can just be flipped.

It does fix about 8 different current problems with the game though along with the game being made to work with it from before the game initially released as well. Since the only reason the game director said it didn’t have it was due to limitations at the time.


Apart from the fact that there is hardly anyone using pickit (main reason for the plooters), it invites you to leech, since nobody has to worry about receiving items anymore, it affects everyone in the game, even if it’s just an option.

In multiplayer people will see way less items on the ground. For example in a 8-player-game obviously just 1/8th from loot.
People decide differently which items to pick up. There are players who let items lay on the ground, which can worth alot.
It would be an illusion to think that these items would be picked up by someone else, because nobody waits 2 or more seconds after each monster kill for the loot to become visible to all players. If yes, which I don’t believe, it leads to a much slower flow of the game because all players progress much more slowly.
After all. Both parties, FFA-looters and Plooters take part on the same trading market and that’s the point, where Ploot games affect everyone in the game (e.g. less items on trading market).


It does though, the core reason of why d2 existed was the economy, Ploot detracts from that. An allocation method, will certainly skew the market.


Pickit is often used in every single public game ever created. More so when bots are involved. Hell back then I ran software to detect who was using it or not and it often went off every single time I entered a game.

So you are purposely misrepresenting the common place use of it.


With ploot, people who are fast and efficient killers are going to leave everyone else in the dust anyways. Why would those fast efficient killers want to do all of the work for 1/8 of the drops? If anything, it will make those fast efficient killers go even FASTER. I have no clue why people want ploot, other than the illlusion that they’re going to get more drops.


auto allocation can be very bitter when you receive nothing. That’s very lame. In FFA u still see the items and u just werent fast enough :slight_smile: If you allow loot for everyone like in d3, markets will be destroyed in no time. So there you go.

PLOOT sucks, FFA rules. Enjoy FFA tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ploot can be adjusted so that only those who do enough damage can get loot. So they can use it to counteract other possible issues with the game.

No it won’t. It won’t effect the rate at which items drop or the quantity. People will still need to trade.


So then don’t play the auto allocation mode? Kind of like how you get to pick your loot method on Path of Exile.

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Is simple…that is not the design of this game.

It has nothing to do with anything else. No different than if you were to suggest changing D3 from Ploot to D2 type of looting. Just doesn’t make sense because the game wasn’t designed for this


Yes sure… you ran a 3rd party software to expose other cheaters… I highly doubt there is kind of software too. Seriously what bs is that?

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