How to Fix Bounties

Which is impossible unless you homogenize the bounties to ie. rely on killing only a singular rare mobs.

All classes have differences in skills they have, mobility, reliance on in-geom procs and many others, theres really no way you can get them to clear particular types of content at the exact same rate, unless you trivialize the content somehow.

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Yes. This has been agreed upon long time ago.

The solution is quite simple: remove the bounty system completely and start dropping mats in Rifts. Also, improve the CRift mode and give more caches there.

So no more bounties just rifts for dayssssssssss? Dumb. They need to add content not remove it.


this would be awesome since in pub games I do 2 acts myself almost every time…

Shhh, leave Skelos alone or you will end up in a mindless war of insults and with him ‘betting’ you he predicted the sacking of Rome and discovered Lyme disease was engineered on Plum Island.
Like here:

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The only concern there is Rifts are essentially “boring”. I don’t mind breaking up some monotony by traveling around the world, but there should be very specific “targets” since these are “bounties”. There are a lot of other things I would do but that involves major changes that I don’t think Blizzard cares about since we’re pretty much on the cusp of Diablo 4. I just want to see kill x enemies or clear out dungeons removed from bounties. Just kill an uber boss or find a rare item. That’s it.

The goal, in my mind, is to complete an episode bounty in no more than 5-10 minutes. As it stands now, it takes about 15-20 minutes, which is ridiculous when you want to complete all 5, that takes at least an hour at minimum.

I hate that bounties are so easy but I still need help from 3 other people. You aren’t even playing with the others. I think they should remove split farming and increase the rewards.


No. We can’t.

I appreciate bounties for what they are to me: A largely optional break from Grifting and rifting. I would guess that they occupy less than 5% of my time playing D3.

And I generally enjoy that time. I enjoy making bounty builds and experiencing a different set of difficulties and game mechanics.

I also enjoy playing them as a party. It’s fun to race through them and try to be the fastest player. It’s fun when someone finds a rainbow or treasure portal. It’s fun to have a little bit of chaos in the game, nubs and flubs and all. There are also a few times where several players have to team up to beat a challenge.

There are a few bounties that could be tighter. A couple of them have a lot of down time or times when you don’t have an opportunity to make game play choices. Some need a difficulty pass or two.

I don’t really agree with your disdain for the quasi area clearing quests. It sounds like a build deficiency to me. In a party, it’s not a big deal to skip the quests you don’t want to do, assuming you aren’t hogging the more desirable bounties.

I don’t really care about the solo purists’ myriad complaints about bounties. It takes longer solo and your choice to play that way absolves me of any sympathy. Deal with your karma.

Is that your argument?


You must be a blast at parties :rofl:


Ummm, no. Some people hate them, some people don’t care either way, and some people like them. I personally think pushing GR’s are the most pointless part of the game for me. Reloading the game over and over and over and over again to find the right map with the right pylons with the right RG seems like a complete waste of time for me. When I reach this point of the season, my season is over.

Do bounties need to be fixed, yes. Do they need to be removed, no. This game does not have a ton of things to do, removing stuff will only increase the problem. I would much rather have them put time into improving several of the options in this game rather than removing things and making the game even more streamlined and completely dumbed down than it already is.

Bounties in D3 are everything that anti-aRPG system is (I think we all agree on this, no need to go into details here).

In order to fix bounties and make these a real and user engaing aRPG game system would literaly mean to change these to a point where these no longer be the bounties we know in D3. With the same time investment they could create a different system/mode for obtainting caches/materials from scratch.

This game needs complete re-design in many aspects. One of these is the Seasonal experience and length. The D3 team made the first step with Themes. Now they have to push harder ahead. Making Seasons one month combined with making bounties a NS experience only are steps in the right direction in order Seasons to start feel more meaningful. These however need to be done in combination with other factors (we all know our black sheeps).

Could they do that? Of course. If D3 was modding capable we would have a working game just because people love Diablo (look what some SC2 modder done in his free time). Would they do that? I dunno, we have to see what a beast D4 is first. If it is a very different type of aRPG they might start putting more effort in D3.

I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t have to FULLY clear 2nd floors just kill 25 or 50 mobs on the 1st floor of any dungeons, lower the amount of mobs needed to be killed per each bounty by half and add a possibility to start any Boss encounter just by clicking on the Boss icon on your map… (yeah I know this would make the all bosses in 20 minutes conquest a piece of cake, but whatever…)

Caches droping GR keys will be good. That way I won’t feel like I’m lagging behind by doing bounties which take lot more time than rifts to complete.

That would be actually pretty good. Nice callout there if anyone from Blizzard reads these forums

Maybe make the amount of Greater Rift keys dropped by Horadric Caches like this:

  • T14-T16 - Three Greater Rift keys per Horadric Cache
  • T11-T13 - Two Greater Rift keys per Horadric Cache
  • T6-T10 - One Greater Rift key per Horadric Cache

You would have to play at least on T6 difficulty to get Greater Rift keys from Horadric Caches, but honestly most people do bounties on T13-T16 anyway…

Just hope end game gets a new definition in D4 - At 7 years old this game is nearly written in stone. The post for the future of D3 did not suggest any major game mechanic type changes. Some sets, continued adding of legendary effects to items without, balance tweaks and possibly Qol changes (I’d suspect these will be minor in nature too)

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If D3 is written in stone after 7 years than what about D2 LoD?

Players waited 11 years (Lord of Destruction was released on 27th June 2001) for D3 yet everyone had a blast playing D2 LoD until D3 came out and it didn’t receive as much updates as D3 RoS gets…

Written in stone refers to the code - I would be quite surprised to see major code changes during this part of it’s life cycle. D2 LoD got some updates too but not a ton. I had a blast with D2 also.

I would say no to having GR keys dropping from bounty caches. Players would be able to amass a whole lot of keys doing split bounties. I would dare say they would get more keys farming bounties than Rifts.

That wouldn’t fix them it would just annoy the players that hate bounties. Making them feel like they have to participate in split bounty farming to be able to get the most GR keys per hour.

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You should get some sense of accomplishment added to the bounties. Now you grind them only to blow the mats into the ever hungry mouth of RNG. Some will get upgrades after few bounties, some have to grind like there is no tomorrow.

There should be some reward for putting in the hours, like getting more mats after more bounties played. A bounty bonus, or bounty “levels” or something alike. That would make the player feel like s/he is getting somewhere. Now it feels like being in a casino, in which you have to do boring chores before pulling the slot machine’s handle.

At least in a real casino you don’t get tendonitis :joy:

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