How to Fix Bounties


Can we all agree that bounties are the most pointless, anti-use of someone’s time in D3? The first time you complete all 5 episodes of them, ok fine. The 2nd time…ok…I guess. The 3rd time…wait. The 4th time…hold up. The 25th time…good god why do I have to kill 150 enemies when I already killed the bounty!

Of course - goodluck trying NOT to kill bounties, as you need the rare materials to do extract those legendary powers you collect along with a host of other things. So before we move onto D4, can we get a patch update that makes a quality of life adjustment to bounties?

  • Make bounties…bounties. They should be only Kill so and so or Find so and so.
  • Kill So and So means you take out rare enemies like Firestarter and that’s it, bounty over. No kill 50-150 other enemies. No “clear out dungeon” pointless grinds. That’s what rifts and set dungeons are for. To compensate for this, the “boss” bounty should have their model 25-50% larger, and their strength/health overall doubled. So its an actual tough fight
  • Find So and So is something new. That would mean you need to complete a task someone gives you. So lets say the mark pings your minimap at a random location. A random npc is there. You talk to it. It says it needs xyz item and gives you a clue where it is, which is somewhere near the person. In order to acquire this thing, you have to start killing enemies around the area, bash objects, open chests, etc. At some point a rare item springs out (doesn’t take inventory stash) you collect it, return back to the ping which is the NPC, bounty complete along with some loot reward like a replendant chest. This takes care of the kill x enemies or running around dungeons but with an actual purpose. The faster/stronger your hero is, the faster you can find the item. This makes it (marginally) more interesting to complete.

To be fair, however, I hope D4 does not have bounties. If it does - make the prize not so completely mandatory to complete over and over and over…and over…and over…


I used to loathe killing the other enemies in a seek and destroy bounty, but gave up and just accepted it. It’s the kill 125/150 other monsters that needs changing, especially on maps like Desert Sands, and maps like Vault of Assassins where the bug still remains to this day where half of the map doesn’t count as part of the area for kills, meaning you can actually fail the bounty even having killed every bloody thing on the map!


Love it. :heart_eyes:



I’m down. I hate bounties altogether, and not only in this game. I hate them in Grim Dawn also. But, they serve a purpose in GD where you build your faction reputation - there is NONE of that in D3. So, definitely make them far more concise and to the point of killing one bad guy or one specific mission, not 100 other things. I also want bounty caches doubled or tripled…dreaming, I know.


Cant stand bounties either but doing a few runs a night they mount up fast , my problem is souls i can never keep up 1k bounty mats = 200 rolls =10k souls i wish they would put it to 25 souls a roll.


I’m in for doing bounty solo. I’m tired of people pretending to be busy and just hanging out… I’m fine with doing two acts or even three for solo bounties. It be faster that way since I’m doing about the same on public anyway.


good ideas, actually any idea would be better than current bounty mode


Bounties are no better or worse than GR’s in terms of gameplay. Bad tile set? Skip that floor and get to the exit as fast as possible. Bad mob types? Ditto. No elites around? Go search till you find them, ignoring everything else till you do. How is any of that better than having to skip through Den of the Fallen Level 1 to kill everything in level 2? Just as tedious and grindy as bounties IMHO.

But bounties are much, much worse in terms of rewards. At T16, you get a handful of crafting mats and enough bounty materials for 4 legendary rerolls. Just 4. With a tiny chance of any reroll actually producing a useable item. So most of the time, you actually get almost nothing from running bounties, other than an opportunity to burn through your stash of FS. Running a GR, or even an NR, gives you guaranteed, tangible rewards immediately on completion. Hell, even if you fail it, you’ve still earned a lot more experience/paragon than you would have done in same time in bounties.

All that bounties need is a rewards boost. Make crafting cheaper (eg 1 of each mat for each reroll) or make the caches drop more mats. Or make new items, consumables, crafting mats, whatever, that can only drop in bounties. Make bounty caches capable of dropping any legendary, with an increased chance of an ancient / primal version.

As it stands, the only thing that makes bounties tolerable is the speed and ease of doing them as splits. That, and the occassional bandit shrine / rainbow goblin.


I’d even love to see a change of reward: In each cache there should be all mats of all acts instead of mats restricted to an act such that you have all mats on one level (ok, there would be a problem with blacksmith recipes but you could simple higher costs and higher rewards)
Also bounties should be renewed when an act is finished.


This is the best thing they can do!
I mean, it is really sad when you DC or get kicked because you spend 10 seconds in town storing your drops…
At least you would have all kinds of mats instead of 100000 of one and 0 of the others.


Scrap all the bounties in the game & replace them with bounties in areas from the first 2 games, specifically and accurately recreated for bounty purposes.

This way D3 areas no longer feel as stale and brain-numbing as they do now, even if you have been playing since May 2012.



The only fix that I could get behind was mentioned IIRC on the older forums. It is where instead of making changes to the bounties themselves. There would be a change to the number of bounties needed to earn the cache.

IIRC the idea was if you are solo you only need two bounties to get the cache. Two players would need three. Three players would need four and four players would need the full five bounties. I think that would be far better.

But till then there are other things that can be done to make them less taxing. Instead of taking sessions to grind them out. You can do just one run (all five acts) per day. Then add in the Challenge Rift for the week. That will give you a lot of those special mats.


Personally, I sometimes enjoy doing a bounty as a break from running GRs. But only of course if I can get into a speed group that isn’t filled with bots or afkers or leechers.

Solo bounty runs are meh.


Tyreals set bonus to bounty rewards?


Best way to fix bounties is to remove them.


I hate bounties, because i need to use DH instead my main Crusader. On t16 i just get kicked, because my builds, that can do 85+ or 100+ so lacks in speedclears to DX. DX is like 10x more faster clear the area. I’m crying.

Doing something with this BOUNTIES, becuse they need to be possible for all classes at +|- same clear time.


Yeah, and while they’re doing that, they also need to make it possible for all classes to clear GR141 at + / - same clear time.


Easy solution. Quit wasting time on a 7.5 year old dead game that is in maintenance mode and play Borderlands 3 which releases tomorrow. After 3500+ hours invested in D3, I’m SO glad I came to my senses and moved on. Borderlands 3 is playable in less than 24 hours and looks to be an absolute blast. Just my two cents.


This game isn’t dead yet, it will be getting more new stuff. From new class sets (one per class) to new legendary powers and new QoL that will probably be doled out over 7 seasons to fit the announcement and release of D4 in 2021. Add in the balance changes as well. I think that will keep more than enough players busy playing this game till D4 is released.


I took a few days off work when D3 released and I’m doing the same with Borderlands 3 because I’ll still get paid due to all the leave I’ve accrued. That being said, D3 released in May of 2012 and is no more than an afterthought to Blizzard. The fact that Diablofans is now defunct should indicate that D3 is pretty much toast (except to totally new players, however few those may be).

I would rather chew broken glass than go back to grinding those wretched bounties in a game that probably only a few thousand people still play. Sure, I’m super stoked for Borderlands 3 tomorrow night (I live in AK so it unlocks at 8 PM my time) but if you can somehow find the motivation to continue to play an old game, more power to ya bro.