How good is d4?

D3 was enjoyable until you beat Inferno. D4 was not fun from the start Imo, a minor, but a crucial difference.


For me D3 really started to come together with RoS, and after with all of the fee stuff they added.

For sure, it became a much better game with the addition of actual endgame, which is why vanilla lost its luster when you beat inferno, no point in playing after that.

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Not saying this to start an argument because taste differ. But god I cannot understand how people say it is on par with Starcraft. I would go as far as saying I almost don’t even get why people think it is anything more than an average game (this is the taste part because I know it is good).

Wow that was fast.

I joined the free trial of D4 because I heard the story was really good. It kicks you out after you hit level 20. I did that just after 21 hours of game play. Hardly got to see any of the story. It would have been faster but I spent a lot of time idle reading guides.

I played a whirlwind barb (it’s my tradition to start with whirly-barb since D2). I completed two achievements (50 kills while berserking, 666 demon etc kills). Lots of potion craft, blacksmith repair/salvage. I even had a two-hand sword that I was grinding gold for to buy (yes I know the store cycles gear, I was preparing for the next big one to appear). I even killed a big boss solo (more on that later).

My overall score: Meh

I encountered no bugs, load times were a “weird pause” when exiting town for the first, fights where booooring, or a frustrating mess of not being able to move suddenly leading to unavoidable deaths. I literally yelled at my guy during my one and only boss fight. Outside of that fight I had only one death due to my potion button (mouse 5) not being setup (my bad).

Now that I’ve actually played D4 I am resolute in my decision not to buy the game.

D4 will be good in time, but presently, I find it lacking in the long term. There are two key problems with D4.

  1. It hasn’t had years of “season” content, which means all you really have is the base/shell game.

  2. The base shell game is a layer or two of indirection away in being a Diablo game. What I mean by this, is you have to rewind back to D1 and D2. They were great games, D2 the better of the two. They were groundbreaking at the time, but they also had mechanics in them that are not present in D4.
    A few off the top of my head:

  • Runes and rune words (D3 only pays lip service to this)
  • Followers
  • Set items

Now my opinion is colored after having tried D3 this last week, for the first time, EVER. I’m one of those hardcore diablo fans that eschewed D3 because of the art direction it took. One glimpse of the prelaunch WoW like trailer was enough for me to toss the game in the trash bin forever. Putting my grudges aside after having grinded a few characters in D4, and the ongoing sale, I figured, what the hell, lets give it a go.
Immediately, two things have stuck out to me:

  1. The influence D2 had in D3, which is not present in D4.
  2. Mechanics in D4, that were not in D2, that are in D3.

In otherwords, in making D4, they completely tossed concepts in D2 that in part made it a great game, rehashed the new mechanics of D3, all the while being influenced by other action RPGs like Path of Exile. The sum of it is, that the only thing D4 has in common with other Diablo games is the lore, and artistic direction of D2, and that’s pretty much it.

I’m currently playing my way through D3’s campaign, bonus EXP week on D4 be damned, because it doesn’t make the game any different, nor better. I level another character to 90+ for what? To what ends? There’s nothing to really strive for obtain. No runes, no rune words, no set items, nothing to collect except some “uber uniques” that are so rare is to not even be worth the time.

D4 is really only good for it’s main campaign, which I suppose is okay, but a lot of it feels convoluted. It just doesn’t quite have the punch of the original two games. Much of it seems to be derived from D3, and what I can only call the “expanded universe” of books or something, which your average guy like me isn’t going to be reading.

I forgot to mention one more thing. It seems like 99% the loot while playing D4 is class specific. Meaning there’s really no saving items for other characters or other people. Maybe “general uniques”, and very basic items, but that’s about it. The vast majority of what you find is for the character your playing, which basically gets recycled into components into one very overused crafting system. Trading, last I checked has been disabled. So… there’s that as well. You wouldn’t think it, but it really detracts from the overall experience when ALL the loot is focused on the character your playing.


Its a decent game, still in progress, the real issue is where they take it. They have been dumbing it down massively since launch, if they continue that trajectory it will be way easier than D3, but there is a strong segment of the population that desires a darker harder game vs whimsyshire BS. Should know by first exp if this a fluff fest or worthy of the Diablo IP

Steam currently has a free event to play D4 for free.
I unsure if blizz client or console client currently offer free event.

Give it a go if you want to explore the possibility of a relationship with D4. One may like it, one may not.

Oh, and Happy Day of the Giving of the Thanks, people. Rest well if at all possible.


i played the d2r and d3 seasons together and ran 3 d4 characters but only up to 29 L because it became to much of a grind, and there are no rewards for it. d3 rifts and bounties are hard to beat, for me its almost impossible to find people to play with in d4. its just boring compared to d2r and d3

So, you only played for 2 - 3 hrs? When did you quit they now have a 40% faster leveling boost.

Do you like to one-shot everything on T16 within the first 2 days?

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I clearly said much better. Now, that has a lot to do with just how bad it was at launch too, so lets not go crazy. So is it a great game yet? No, but it is getting there.

I’ve not touched it since just before S1. I tried so hard to like it but couldn’t, as many have.

I was only curious.

It’s getting there. We get our ghetto / gimped / greater rifts on Tuesday
gonna 1 key a 25 and then come play ptr :wink:

Remember when you die once it’s over, I hope you make it. :+1:

I hope it’s just a way to beta test stuff. I do not like the foundation of this much. I don’t even know if the levels are gated or not. I might have to do 1 at a time. Probably not though, lol.

I think the AoZ is going to make GRs in D3 look like kiddy play. Remember in D4 the player does not have thousands and thousands of paragon. Also in the AoZ you cannot die every 30 seconds like in D3 and keep going as if nothing ever happened. It will be interesting to see how it looks.

When you cater to casuals, that’s what you get. Once upon a time GR isn’t spoon fed in D3.

If AoZ becoming permanent, yes but so far it lasts till end of s2 only and the only true end game content is temporary hence s2 is meaningless. All the unique grinds from bosses are meaningless unless AoZ is permanent as the heavily nerfed NMD does not require uniques at all. D4 is still very immature atm. Severely lacking endgame challenges to test a true player.

GR is kiddy if one chooses to do so as one can always go for higher difficulty if they relishes for a challenge.

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Definitely the best part about it.
Only more so if it is true that in multiplayer, the entire dungeon closes down, if just one person dies.
Adding ‘team’ back into teamwork.

Well, cant go higher than 150

They better know who they are running with.