How good is d4?

I think I hit close instead of create lol. Is d4 good? I got a (PC only base game) promotion for the base game for 30 bucks

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D4 is extremely complicated compared to D3 (at least if you are used to playing D3). But it has an interesting campaign with lots of fine cutscenes and dialogue.


These links might help you before Mr “D4 Bad” jumps in. D4 had a rocky launch just like D3 had, but things are getting better. They are adding new features and they just announced the 1st expansion for the end of 2024.


You don’t have to be a troll to find it bad though. I wouldn’t play D4 regardless of price as the game is just not enjoyable to me.


Keep D4 away from the D3 forum.


The problem is you cannot post on D4 forums unless you own the game. So those D3 players who are curious, but not yet ready to commit, are forced to post here.


D4 is currently worse than D3. Maybe in time it will get better. The art style of D4 is solid, but there are countless little UI/QoL problems which are annoying me. As of 11.2023: D3 > D4. D4 has a huge potential, but it will probably reach it in a few years.


Forget D4.
It starts good and ends badly…veeeeery badly.
Played till lvl 6x and than it was incredible boring. i mean , really boring.
It will take years to make it good with good endgame…

Story was “ok”

Indeed or another alternative is to post on Diablo Reddit or Diablo 4 Reddit.

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Its an absolute steaming dog pile, and unlike D3, will never be good one day 10 years from now.


Great thing to compare D4 to is movie remakes.

If we take a remake and Diablo 4 we see two surface level enjoyable forms of entertainment, and perhaps those who had never seen the original would love the remake. Those who work on remakes don’t really care about the lore or the small easter eggs or any of that, because they either werent even alive when the original came out, or they weren’t there to begin with so they’re never going to care the same way you might based on your memories. While you may have enjoyed the originals, the people working on ‘remakes’ were doing something else with their time, if they heard about the original it was some background noise during their lives.

In the end it is strictly about money. These ‘remakers’ promise to deliver something people will buy, and people will buy anything when it comes to video games, the bar is quite low. When it comes to video games you don’t need experts behind the wheels, and this is a bonus for those seeking to make money, it isn’t hard to fill the shoes they need to get a profit.


Even The Great Diablo II had lots of flaws upon release. Remember that. SC2 was full of retarded ideas upon release and now it’s THE best RTS of all times.


It depends on what you are looking for in an ARPG.

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Definitely worth the 30 bucks and getting better with each patch.


and it is now forgotten by many.

It’s aight.

The endgame is kinda nonexistent and the game has a lot of issues but it’s getting there. Campaign is fun, though the story is full of clichés and the world looks like they just tried to add as much guts and blood as possible just for the sake of being dark and edgy so that might be a bit cringeworthy. Also a lot of reused characters and bosses from D2 and D3 some of which seem to be there just for the sake of fan service (like a certain act boss from D2 that reappears in D4 without actually adding anything to the story).

AoE 2 better.

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im actually worried if D4 able to survive long as D3 i never ever seen devs being crystal clear to their audience that the game engine is holding them back

im worried if they just did OW2 where they made Diablo 5 where D5 is only D4 with engine upgrade but free 2 play

D4 is a much better product today than it was on launch. It is still not perfect, but it is getting better. I like it. The campaign is really good, and leveling to 50 is pretty good. Once you get to around level 70, it loses some steam, but with the new uber bosses, getting to 100 actually matters.

For $30, I think it is worth it.

Really think so? Marginally better or much better?

Just like D3 it will continue to get better. Some of the haters forgot what D3 was like in the early days.

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