Hey Matthew are you planning doing anything interesting to make blackthornes useful?

I would love it if it was in some way useful in conjunction with the main sets!

Hey godzilla2012,

We take a look at all sets and rebalance as we go from season to season. Blackthorne’s is a set that we’ve received a lot of feedback on. We’ll see if it will have it’s time to shine in coming seasons.

P.S. Try not to call out names in the subject line - we’re always looking at all posts regardless if you place my name in there.


How about you guys remove the Lv1-Lv70, and have our character started at Lv70, with full Blackthorne sets and generic legendary weapons or armors that have no legendary power for every new season?

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Thank you for responding, I appreciate the feedback.

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Blackthornes and Krelm’s Buff Bulwark. These set items are instant salvage for me. I dont even remember the last time i saw someone use them. Would like to see them reworked that adds another unique playstyle.

Really happy to hear from Mathew that all sets are being reviewed again for balance.

It seems I always get at least 1 primal blackthornes item every season…lol…
This season I’ve found 2 primals and was gifted a 3rd of all things.

Can we make it a farming set?
So 2 pieces doubles gold, 3 pieces doubles materials, 4 pieces doubles all crafting materials.


Maybe a follower update, a set that works giving all effects to the main character even caldesann stats, like a second equipment for more posibilities
2 pieces equiped in follower increase 100% movement speed
3 pieces equiped in follower increase 50% damage reduction
4 pieces equiped in follower all stats goes to main character (dex, vit, str, int, attack speed, critical hit chance, etc)

A loot of power but works only in solo mode

Sorry my english is bad


The belt is fine, I’m currently wearing it for bounties/keyfarming.

And I salvaged at least one primal Blackthornes this season, would be sad if it became useful now. :frowning:

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I’d love to see Krelm’s get updated too. Might I suggest "You gain X% damage and X% damage reduction per set item equipped? 5% per? 12 set items would grant about 60% damage and DR, which would feel about right for a two piece and heavy Set item investment?

Personally, I hope that they do not do this. I realize that set bonus changes are retroactive; however, I think that I salvage all of these even if ancient or primal.

Come on, Micro, you’re saying because you screwed the pooch everyone should suffer? You’re better than this! Start keeping those primals, and help get those drops fixed! I’m sick of BT on my loot table.

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I would prefer the set was just removed from the loot table. If it is weaker than class-specific 6 piece sets, it has limited utility. If it is stronger than it might become “mandatory” for several classes.

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Please do not start everyone at level 70. The only variety in D3 is getting to level 70. After level 70, the game is pretty much all sets.

That’s might be one of the worst ideas I’ve read in recent memory.

Seasons are about allowing players with high level accounts to start over, and get that nice feeling of reward by leveling up a new character, and discovering that just about everything you pick up is an upgrade! Rewards like that, heck, just gaining a single level, come few and far between when you are P1500+.

If you start a Season at level 70, then the only things left are the race to be first in various things, and then the same old grind to gain Paragon levels and find upgrades to your level 70 gear.

I would rather see Blackthorne’s as a craftable gear set somewhere between levels 50 and 70.

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Both Aughild’s and Cpt. Crimson’s Trimmings have this.

That is what you think. I am speaking from the experience that I played in every season. I had been powerlevel quite a new player to Lv70. Why do I powerlevel them? Because they asked. For many, leveling to Lv70 is just a chore, so they seek help from others for quick powerleveling. The D3 real game started at Lv70.

No, they don’t. Might wanna have another look at those set bonuses, bro. My concern is 5% might be too high. Maybe 3% DR/Damage per every set item equipped. 36% more damage reduction and 36% increased damage is probably more balanced in exchange for two affixes, assuming you have ~12 set items, which might be a tad high but still doable.

How do new players learn the game? That is what the 1-70 is all about.

Campaign Mode, I guess?