Has anyone completed the Solo Self Mode season?

[UPDATED] NENERMIND! - From reading the posts below. I get it now.

At first glance it’s seems like this should be no big deal.
However, there is one big catch: The 3 Conquest requirement.

  • You can not complete 6 different Class Sets of Armor GR conquest.
  • You can not complete 8 different Master Set Dungeons.

So that means you must be able to complete the entire story mode game with a solo character in less then 1 hour. Has anyone ever done this solo? I didn’t think it was possible without multiple people working together.

Did the team at Blizzard completely forget about this or are people actually doing it?

It took about 20 hours spread across the 4 days.

I created a DH - did 5 sets on that one

With my DH, I created self power-leveling build - custerian bracers, goldwrap, avarice band, level 50 boon of the hoarder, leoric crown (w flawless royal emerald), hellfire ring, leoric ring, kymbol’s gold amulet, sunkeeper mace

I leveled six boon of the hoarder gems to level 25 and used them to lower the level requirements of those items to be usable at level 1.

Custerian bracers gives 1xp for 1 gold. So a ran a couple of goblin rifts. It took me about 5 minutes to level up my WD.

Goblin rift 1 = 0 to 60 in 40 seconds
Goblin rift 2 = 60 to 67 in 40 seconds
Fields of Misery = 67 to 70 in a few minutes

I completed my 6th class set for Years of War on my WD.


Why can’t you?


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I play SSF and the 3rd conquest I did was Years of War, the 6 sets at GR55.

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OK I understand now, 2 different Solo mode characters will work with the same season update.

Just started playing with this mode. I thought each solo character was independent.

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SSF means Solo Self Found, not Solo Character Found.

The purpose of SSF mode is to exclude any potential gain one might get from group play. That doesn’t mean each individual SSF character is isolated into their own separate worldspaces.


Ya I see now, I actually was kind of hoping it was the other way around so each character could get their own vault space. Or if you feel like repeating seasons with different classes starting from scratch you can do it.

So, not sure the point of this mode. I guess just for the leaderboard.

Is this another “I do not know what I am doing” thread?


I did the season journey in non SSF and then did it in SSF. I did the six GR55 with different sets, four on a Barb and two on a Wizard.

When I did the SSF second, it overwrote anything on the leaderboards with the new dates. So, Avarice showed day two of the season and now it shows day six, but my slot is still the same on the leaderboards.

Leveling a second, third, etc. character in SSF:

Use a gem of ease in a weapon
Cube a gem of ease on to a Leoric’s Crown
Cube a gem of ease on to a Leoric’s Signet
Craft a Hellfire Ring
Craft Cain’s set

I leveled my third character in 18 minutes. It could have been faster.

I finished it in SSF mode about 3hr15m into the season. I was the first SSF player, but unfortunately the leaderboards are not split to SSF, so I came second to a group of 4:

(in Eastern time, season started at 8pm, I finished Sprinter by 11:17pm)

To finish all 5 conquests SSF this season it took me 12 hours gameplay (~10 on wizard, ~2 on DH). I feel like that was a bit slow, really pushing the pace I think sub-10 hours SSF to this set of 5 conquests is possible.

The conquest set with Sprinter + Master of Sets is the slowest set of 5 conquests. Of course, for Guardian, you only need 3 so you can skip both of those and just do Years of War, as others have rightly suggested.


I would play this every season in order to have a whole stash per character!

Why though? Even if you want every build for one class you only need like two tabs.

You might, but in the process of making those builds, I usually keep poorly rolled copies of each build item until I get a well rolled one in case I need to reforge anything. I can easily max out a single tab devoted to just items for two sets. There’s still things like weapons/offhands/jewellery/etc

I’ll usually use another tab to hold items for existing builds in my Armoury.

Then there’s normal legs I keep for things like The Thrill, one tab I will hold items I may cube, one tab for just gems/gifts/puzzles/bovines/machines/screams, and empty tabs I’ll use to throw unIDed legs in. I’ve filled up three tabs with just unIDed legs doing a single fissure before.

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I have completed the season journey in normal.

If I start an SSF can I redo the seasonal journey in SSF mode?


There are two separate season journeys (and each receive separate Haedrig’s rewards), one for normal SC + HC, and one for SSF SC + HC.

So if you already did a normal character, and start an SSF character, you will have a fresh journey.

(but this doesn’t work for HC/SC in the same mode, so if you did SSF SC and then start SSF HC you won’t have a fresh journey, they share the same journey since both are in SSF)


And can you claim the cache from a challenge rift to SSF (not a big deal if no)?

Probably yes, but personally I’m glad people can ask here questions without getting insults - even though they might feel they ruin someones reading experience at this super crowded forum where there is new thread almost every minute if not every second.


This is good to know.

Twice the gaming experience per account! :joy:

I might go ssf in a season when the altar is available. That’s a 1-70 experience I can deal with alone.

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Yep! Well, as long as you haven’t already claimed it that week. You still only get one challenge rift cache per week, you don’t get one for SSF and one for non-SSF. If you already claimed it that week in non-SSF you’d have to wait a week to get a new one for SSF.

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Same I can only play one character at a time since I need the whole 350 slots of stash (console, we don’t have tabs just overal slots)

I have to keep several copies for primal upgrades since you otherwise waste primordial ashes.
Additionally I keep several versions of some gear, like one with Vitality another one with Area damage, for Speed vs Pushing builds.
Only at the end of the gearing process I purge all the stuff I know for sure, that I no longer need. And then I proceed with the next class

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