Has anyone completed the Solo Self Mode season?

I have had many questions not a single time have I ever thought " You now what? The best way to figure this out is to ask strangers on a forum and sit and wait for the answer! " Maybe it’s just me.

Your mindset sounds very common to me and it’s also perfectly reasonable to act like that. But if one never asks a question from stranger(s) in ones lifetime, it’s quite limiting.

There’s quite a lot of people who will have lower limit on time they spend of searching the info before asking the question (also from strangers, many don’t have any Diablo friends). And for that, this forum looks really good place to do it.
Note also that in addition to insult, he actually got the answer really fast. And also other people had opportunity to discuss about it which based on comments they do very willingly.

The only thing I don’t understand are the people who feel like they must throw totally non-helpful insults when someone asks a question one time - when the insulter would have spent a little more time on searching himself. How many would act like this in real life?

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Yes. Literally did it with one hero slot available. A good dagger, A highly leveled up Gem of Ease and Legacy of Nighmares is key to solo self plvl.

I had a ton of mats so I ended up upgrading rares to get two complete sets (five pieces + Royal Ring). Honestly it took about a day of game play to get those last two gr55 runs.

I stupid. I leveled up 29 Gem of Eases to rank 25. I level reduced a full ‘anyone can wear’ gear (13 gems) AND a full set of follower gear (14 gems) and two to go into the weapons… Found out that follower can’t use a token until level 18. Total over kill. You just need a good weapon and a GoE in its SOCKET to be able to wield it at level 1. You don’t need level reduce anything.

Generally speaking asking questions on a specific topic on a forum dedicated to that specific topic is a great way to get correct information as most of the times people spending time on that forum are quite knowledgeable on said topic.

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I made it to conqueror on my monk over two nights.

But for guardian, I couldn’t do the Act 1-5 in one hour. So I created a solo DH and cleared a GR 55 to make that six set conquest. And that added another night.

So overall, took me 3 nights.

I believe you meant six Gems of Ease, not Boon of the Hoarder gems.


What is hard about reaching GR55 with 5-6 different Sets?
That 50 million gold streak achieved itself by pure luck in a floor at Fissures, full of goblins. I think I struck a floor with 2-3 Gilded Barons. I was being nervous about how am I gonna level up Boon gem enough then roll a well enough density at Not-the-Cow level. I reckon, I can easily achieve GR45 with no Set items as well.

If you insist that you gonna clear Acts 1 through 5 in an hour, I guess you can do that as well if you have a plan. You just need two damage aura emitting legendary items and lots of speed bonus.

This is mostly a myth. The conquest can be done by any class, and tends to be easier to run solo than to run as a group, except for two situations.

  1. No one has any clue to what they’re doing.
  2. Everyone knows what they’re doing.

I find that I tend to be several minutes slower when running with other players, and because I have speed, still get to the NPCs before them if they’re already not in position.

From a purely speed point, after running Guardian about 12x this season (different accounts, different servers, and SSF & Non SSF (emulating SSF)), I’ve found Avarice, The Thrill, and Sprinter as a Wizard to be the most efficient.

6 sets just takes too long to acquire, and not quite sure whether Visions or spamming Greater Rifts is the best approach.

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Well, you’re on a “super human” level compared to us ordinary players :smiley:
I had a great time peacefully and quietly collecting the different wizard sets and doing the GR 55s in all of them (the sixth was Shadow DH). I also discovered the Vyr’s set dungeon which was easy to master (even if mastery isn’t required anymore for the journey).


I’m late to the party but I finished SSM mode Guardian in a couple of days. It really isn’t that hard. I rolled a wizard and did the Firebird set dungeon, which was pretty easy. I did the Avarice and The Thrill, which were easy. Years of War took a while. I saved all the wizard set pieces as I found them and did all 5 sets with them. Then I upgraded a Gem of ease and socketed a 2 hand weapon, rolled a hellfire Amulet and Ring, then a 3 piece cain set and rolled a Demon Hunter. Ysed the shards from running GRs with my wizard and gambled for DH gear. Did the final set with him.

Late reply but I play and check forums infrequently since I finished the Season’s Journey.
I chose to make a HC char and banged out the GR 45 with no sets inside of 2 days as my 3rd Conquest. I felt that to be an easier route versus set dungeons or Speed Racer.

OK, some broken down stats:

Diablo 3: 1-Guardian Part 1 - YouTube
Diablo 3: 1-Guardian - Part 2 - YouTube

SSF Monk, SC

Level 70: 1:53:05
Haedrig’s Gift Complete: 2:43:55
Inna’s Set Complete: 4:26:10
Last Bounty Attempt: 4:52:36
At this point, 5 GRs have been completed, and Boon of the Hoarder is at 14 (acquired at 2:25:33), Legacy of Dreams is at 4.
Avarice Complete: 5:41:33
The Thrill Completed: 6:07:33
3 Gems to 70 Completed: 6:36:47
Sprinter Started: 6:45:55
Sprinter Completed, Season Journey Complete: 7:38:36

Number of Ulianas: 9 (4 unique)
Number of Sunwuko: 10 (6 unique)
Number of PoJ: 14 (5 unique)
Number of Inna’s: 11 (6 unique)
Number of Raiment: 9 (6 unique)

Remaining Blood Shards: 439
Remaining Death Breath: 421
Forgotten Souls: 2
Total Forgotten Souls if I salvaged every item I had: 262

Leveling was pretty slow. My Level Reduce Weapon was 51, and that required a few Visions. Without the Visions, it would have been 55.

Once Haedrig’s Gift was complete, I ran 2 GRs, and everything else was just Act 1 bounties attempting to get a RoRG. After about 2 hours of only Act 1 bounties, I gave up on attempting to get an RoRG.

So, what about Years of War instead of Sprinter? Sprinter took about 53 minutes. I’d have to level up another character. And there would be time spent switching to this character to gamble blood shards. I didn’t salvage any set pieces, and I also upgraded multiple leggings in an attempt to get 6 piece Innas, which lead to duplicates of others. Without Innas, this would have all been slower.

But I would still have to convert 2 Uliana’s to the remaining missing pieces, as well as PoJ. And I’d also end up having to convert the other class pieces to uniques as well. Assuming I salvaged every item I had (including set pieces), I would be able to convert set pieces 26x. Also, there would be time spent salvaging every item I had, as well as setting up skills for the classes.

The killer here was the lack of the RoRG in this run. Had leveling gone a bit better, and had I given up on attempting RoRG runs when I completed Inna’s, I could have broken the 7 hour mark for completing Guardian SSF from scratch.


People can ask questions, no doubt, but when people make statements that are 100% false, they get called out on it too. That is what happened in this thread.

Actually since I didn’t use the season’s gift bags for my sets, I could technically run 5 lvl 55 GRs with all the different sets with my DH, then farm up one hero and use the bag sets to get that hero to GR55 as well.



But I doubt I will bother. lol

Not that hard to complete actually. Completed Hardcore Solo Self Mode taking my time really and also completed the season again on team play helping my spouse learn the game. Yup, even got two set rewards that way. This is her second season playing D3, catching on really well, she now has three more stash tabs to earn.