Hardcore for Season 21 Suggestion "3 Strikes"

This is a terrible idea, you could die twice take your gear off and level a new toon, then its basically SC, hardcore players would be pissed at this, i think a better change would be adding exclusive HC season rewards, and making it so there are a season journey for both core and hardcore, i really dont think blizzard would ever do this, but it would be nice. and it would give people a reason to play both core and hardcore modes.

Many people have this perception for good reason.

Your logic is twisting my words…

What I am trying to say is; the player has full knowledge of the implications of a death from any source. (you can’t play your that toon ever again)


Would mean that if a single player knew they were about to die, or were in a dicey situation, they can pause the game by bringing up menu. And the proceed to disconnect from the game to prevent the death. Loading up later to be safely in town.

This is what I mean by abusing the system, it means working around the 10 sec delay to leave game normally when not in town.

Don’t get me wrong though, I agree that death by disconnect sucks, and if Blizzard found a way around that without player abusing it, I would be all for it. But, I honestly don’t see that happening. Especially when other big companies are integrating highly invasive anti-cheat programs, and people are still able to cheat regardless of them.

Your Hardcore Monk Skitzoko has died after xxx Hours and xx Mins. Her deeds of valor will be remembered… Pay USD xx to Resurrect? :rofl:

Actually, dying is HC now is better than before… I’m probably immune to the agony and frustration in HC death unlike way way back like these times…

Just curious, would you also disable a couple of the items, Crusader Akarat’s Champion and Firebird’s second life as well?

As for the mode… yes… this would 110% probably move D3 from a secondary game to my primary game for awhile with that season.

Every arcade/pinball game I ever played gave me 3 lives or 3 balls to start. I think I would like having 3 balls in Hardcore D3.
BTW how many of you “that ain’t hardcore” people are using the “cheat death” passive that is built into every class? Yeah that’s what I thought.

Using it when it is in the game, is quite different from wanting it to be in the game.

The cheat death passives is a mistake born out of the game having failed gameplay (in both SC and HC) where your healing, and thus enemies dmg, has gone wild, to the point that the only challenge the game can offer is to oneshot you.

Get rid of the binary gameplay, slow down both dmg and healing, and remove the cheat death passives.
Which is not going to happen in D3 of course. So make it happen in D4.

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3 strikes AND cheat-death are too much, one or the other . I would prefer 3 strikes as you have time to prepare for death. I make a level 1 Inna’s set and keep it in my stash. I can now PL myself if I die.

Play Softcore mode then. Problem solved.

3 strikes, or even 2 strikes would essentially remove HC.
When you get 1 strike left, you would just lvl a new character and switch to that. Never risking any gear.


A big no to the 3 strikes for HC players. A single death is forever.

Now as far as a 3 strike system for necroing old posts… :thinking:


People play the way they want to. I don’t think 3 strikes is needed but it might attract more players to HC. If you don’t like cheat-death passive don’t use it. If there was a 3 strike in hardcore and you don’t want to play that way then delete your character after 1 strike. It wouldn’t remove HC.

And if you hover over the last column of a thread it will tell you when the first post was. Just in case you don’t like 8 month old threads and you can’t seem to avoid them.

Nah. A game is a game. Rules are meant to be followed.
“Do whatever you want” has no place in a game.
And yes, having 3 strikes in HC would mean HC no longer existed. Nobody would ever lose anything on death.

Huh. I didn’t necro this thread. You did.

Oh, the irony…


I don’t care, you do! Keep posting.

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“3 strikes” will make it “Al dente-core”, not Hardcore.

I know you can find a Black Mushroom. Do you get an additional strike if you find a green one?

And you are the one who decides if there is a reason behind my post? I thought that was my job. That must be a really boring job. I would actually probably hate myself if I had nothing to do all day but look for posts I thought had no reason to exist and then complain about them.

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