Hackers on console?

Hello All,

I haven’t played console in a while but I’m wanting to get back into it instead of PC this season. The last time I played console (many moons ago) the multiplayer and leaderboard was took over by hackers.

Are there still a ton of hackers on console? If so I’d probably about rather just stick to PC.

Only seasonal Xbox is more or less free of cheaters. Other consoles are a lost cause.

PC has botters and maphack users but at least they still have to play to get gear.

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PS4/PS5 - Seasons hacked with modded gear
SWITCH - Seasons hacked with modded gear
XB1/XBSX - No modded gear in Seasons


Good thing I’m playing on an XBox, that’s good to know. The reason I posted this was because I found a recent youtube video of someone cheating on PS.

I appreciate your responses.

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Exploits get abused on all platforms.

if you’re on switch -
simply block them.
if necessary, make a new room.

typically if you’re doing rifts / GRS - new room
doing bounties - optional, really.
campaign - optional (maybe you can use the cheaters as tools for completing conquests for campaign)

I made the mistake of looking at the leaderboards on ps earlier.

Not only are the top builds loaded with hacked gear, the times seem literally impossible… First place is supposedly a 150 clear in 4 seconds?

I never really try to push the leaderboards anyway, but this is ridiculous.


Since you mentioned XBox…I’m on PS5…the latest revelation by Phil Spencer on the future Blizzard games coming to XBox Game Pass…like Overwatch 2, Call of Duty and my most anticipated game of 2023…Diablo IV…are coming day one to it. So I’m already on the look-out for a XBox Series X…and it’s not just D4…it’s Starfield, Lies of P (a Bloodborne type) Atomic Heart and several others…

yeah…they crack the game to spawn enough progress globes to get 100% almost immediately, and in town, then they force spawn the RG in town and kill it, hence 3-4 seconds. There’s 2 aspects of these cheaters - the modded gear, and manipulating the game to get super fast GR clears. Most of the scum cheaters aren’t forcing the RG spawn in town.

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Theres modders on xbox but there slim to nun Okay seen ik how its done ill explain One way we mod seasonal is thru the devils/jester editor that was created by 100 diffrent people and then you have save wizard (blizzard does care) i been using modded stuff in games for many years mainly to test the anti i cheat one thing i have figur3d out is when your data is corrupted 9/10 they are wiping accounts they think are modded etc but now to get into the modding so yall know how to fix the work around.
Well for one the actually editors in order to use the devil’s/jester editor you need a jb xbox,ps4,switch and a non jb switch,xbox,switch you then put the file on non jb system onto usb and then trasfer it to jb system to decrypt the save to be able to mod it then when ya get into the editor you are able to see every bit of detail t9 the characters gear names paragon points so on like legit everything and can edit it all lmaooo.
Now save wizard all ya do is copy file to usb use laptop or pc and use save wizard ($60) tool while the editors which you make gear that does upwards of 93 trillion damage … damage means someone used the editors t9 mod higher damage thru paragon.
Dm my facebook if ya want to know more or if a blizzard employee wants to get ahold of me so they can understand it more my telegram is (+15185386381) or(@ZXCTesTs) but see ya around

Theres also orb spam characters that legit just spawn the gr boss

I’m well aware of Jesters Github repo with D3Studio fork using a JB PS4 to edit the save and use Save Wizard to resign saves. Other modders do the same modding and offer the save up for free hence why there are loads of leaderboard entries because they just need Save Wizard to resign.

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Xbox is hacked but thr modders tend to have morals they mainly boost with slow sets so nobody get higher than there supposed to be or they just dont do rifts

Yes, I am aware of this.

Not that I am aware of, since the xbox encryption keys have not been cracked.

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That’s not true, there is no modded gear in Seasons on XB. They maybe save scum/reforge to get perfect gear but there is no modded gear in Seasons on XB.

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No, it’s not. Do you know why? Microsoft offers you cheap way to run unsigned code inside sandbox mode. So, there’s really no need to hack console since you most likely just want to run emulators and such.

Absolutely disgusting Blizzard, shame on you for not doing anything about these cheating hackers!

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Its Sony, not blizzard, but thanks for sharing.

Not say you are but democrats have a certain way of logic.

it’s both of them. Sony could be banning the cheaters for breaching the EULA for usage of the PSN. But, Sony refuses to do so, saying that they don’t have access to the game’s LBs or the ability to check for modded items. Blizzard has just ignored any, and every report made to them about cheating in seasonal play. The evidence is clearly there, easy to spot, and easy to fix too. And, per Sony legal department, Blizzard has full access too, and full control over, the seasonal LB server.

Both companies need to step up to the plate.

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