[Guide] zDPS Support Barb (Season 19)

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Have the builds been fully updated to S18? Did we outline how new items can be used in the build?

Yep dropped a blurb in there for adding FoT and Executioner and why.

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Hey guys, returning player from 6 years back. Been playing 7 days about 8+ hours a day trying to push GRs. Ive decided to gear 1 of my barbs into a zbarb and ive read the OPs post. But im a bit confused on the gear. The stats are listed in order of priorty or do i need every single one? Sorry if its a dumb question. I know all would be great but its quite diffcult to get rolls like that. Could someone please clarify.

  1. CDR
  2. Legendary affixes on Pride of Cassius, Oculus and Strong Arms.
  3. Pickup radius

Other stats are not so important:
4. AS
5. RCR
6. Toughness

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This basically. Your biggest job is to keep IP up for your team so you want enough cooldown to keep that up 100%. Then if you are doing rat runs you want to maximize pickup radius to pickup gloves easier. Pull barb benefits a bit from pickup radius but not as required as for rat runs.

The “EU” version of the rat-barb that uses charge and opts for +XP gear has become more popular. A guide can be found here (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbYlWEEw0p4&t=4s

Rob2628 has an alternative version that uses 3-piece Born’s too. I find the above version preferable, as it has more +XP, better survivability, and gains illusory and messerschmidt’s.

Ok. I know the pickup radius/cdr are a must but i was missing 1 stat on an item that the ones above and thought it wasnt good enough. Im pretty new so im still learning which items can roll what.

But anyhow, thanks for clearing that up.

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Also, the item list states you need diamond in socket for shoulder. Is that a mistake? Because OrOTZ doesnt show socket.

100% a mistake. Fixed. Good catch.

It seems that Set 3 is exactly the same as Set 1.

Link has been fixed. idk what happened there. Good to go now though thanks for letting us know!

Free, can you add Bul Kathos Blades along with IB in Raekor GS ZB? . It provides fury and avoid unnecessary charge for fury tops oppose to BoM proc. The loss in IAS is not crucial, in fact too high att spd is not that great for pulling. I believe I had max IAS (3.0+) before and its not as smooth as current 2.0 ish pulls. Unless needs that speed on non native servers to help charge animation.

30-40+ RCR can also be recommended for optimized gearing.

75% CDR is enough, so you don’t need Zodiac.

Updated for S19! Might add some additional info on the more specific XP builds for Rbarb and Sader runs.

@Free I can’t update the title to reflect Season 19 so can you please change that when you get a chance my friend?

Done and done.


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Why cubed Messerschmidt’s?

It provides cooldown for your skills and it procs off any kill within the group so its wayyyyyy more efficient than In-Geom which requires elite kills.

Got ya, I wasn’t aware of the any-kill-counts behavior

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Hi! I’m mostly a solo player, but now I’m trying to learn the zBarb for a change of pace.
Got some junk from my stash, and ended with 59% CDR, and I couldnt keep IP uptime in 100%. I do have a cubbed Cassius…
Also, I’ve feel so weak in the defense (somes OHKO) and I had a 1M health pool.
Should I switch the Executioneer for the CD Axe or In-Geon?
I’m trying the 4-RK Push Variant.
Tyvm and sorry for bother with those stupid questions.