Greater Rifts not updating

The same here, i did Necro solo GR 126 on hardcore, America server.

That’s disheartening but thanks for letting me know. My shard space updated so I’m holding out some hope, but I realize that’s likely a different data set than the leaderboards.

Blizzard, I think it’d be wise to notify players of the bug on the D3 splash page, especially if new personal bests will be get lost forever. It was reported 16 hours ago, it’s the final week when players are aiming for higher clears.

Same here, i did on my Necro Solo GR 122 on Seasonal, America server. Leaderboard not updated.

Last time it took 11 days for them to fix it, but maybe it won’t take as long this time since they have done it before.

The leaderboards have updated and my fortunately my clear was not lost! Thank you Blizzard for resolving the issue.

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That is excellent news indeed. Thanks for updating!

Confirmed… my solo tier 116 performed yesterday is now my personal best.

This is a joke, people are pushing now because the season is ending and leaderboards are not updating… I was pushing last 4 days gr138 on my DH, did it today in 11:36 (got snowball in forest entrance on boss) and still only my previous gr137 is recorded. Seems it’s the time to quite the season now. Probably this bug will hang out till 8th…

EU btw.

I think you are the first one to report this from the EU server. All the other reports in this thread are from the Americas server.

I would suggest making a separate thread with more details so it gets noticed.

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I found one topic on EU forum and post it there as well. At least I get my gems and blood shards cap up.

That thread was from last season and was fixed several months ago.

The “same” bug happened again this season on the Americas server, but had not occurred yet on any other server.

So when I say that you are the first to report it, I mean you are the first one to report it this season on the EU server.

This thread is about a bug on the Americas server, and it has already been fixed. Please make a new detailed bug report if this happened to you recently on the EU server.


We have sadly the same problem in EU I just did 135 GR with Necro and nothing was count. Why the **** is failing the last seasons so hard in the end?

It seems that few hours after our GR records were done they were updated on the leaderboards. Maybe this is some robustness feature introduced by Blizzard after those August failures.

I cleared GR 130 Solo EU Serrver with my barb and the record doesn’t appear on the Leaderboard :frowning: Blizzard please could you fix my problem? Thank you!

I cleared 130 Solo EU Server with my barb but my record doesn’t appear on the Leaderboard :frowning: This is my second record that doesn’t appear. Please Blizzard fix this problem! Thank you!

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Same here, not updating.

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