Greater Rifts not updating

Quick noob question. I have done a GR 82 but it still says my personal best is a 70. I was wondering why is not updated. If anyone can answer this for me.

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I have the same issue. I cleared GR128 and then 129 but my personal best is still listed at 127…

same to me, i did a gr 130 in a public game, but i still have the old 128 record :frowning:

Thanks I am not the only one lol. Maybe I started really late or the server not updating. Hopefully they will see this post.

This seems to be a recurring issue that appears every month or two…

You might want to go and post this in the bug report section.

The Bug Report forum already has lots of reports about this…

Thx all - We are looking into this one.


Same here, i just did season solo Demon Hunter GR136. The time is 13:03.683.
It’s not recorded on the leaderboard. I have some print screen if required as evidence

Hi there, I’ve just did a Solo Necromancer GR141, and it is not recorded on the leaderboard, my shards limit is updated to 1910 shards, however the leaderboards still shows my old record of GR136 [North America Server]

same here, did dual 142 yesterday still shows 140 on both leader board and personal profile.

sad me and a friend got rank 1, 2 player time 4:41, but no update :frowning:
I have screenshots of the clear if needed.

if you have don gr 82 you are no noob.

i have a feeling the server for this game might have been hacked. in addition to not being able to update i get kicked out of games and blackscreened now and then and about half of my clan is no longer listed. it looks like they had a problem like this back in august so hopefully it will be fixed shortly. probably just a bad actor putting some hate on the blizz community in the form of a virus.

#pja …my guess is that they know about it.

Thanks. But it kinda easy with G.O.D DH lol

Just happened to me as well on the AU1 server, I cleared a GR on my seasonal HC DH that should have been reflected in my Personal best and on the leaderboard. The blood shard cap was increased.

I have the same issue, i did GR128 solo on necro record at season 21 and didn’t update, please fix it

Same. Just did Wiz solo 125GR with no reflection on leaderboard

Will my new clear be updated? I just passed a 140 at 14:41 which should be rank 4 on Solo Monk. I have a photo and video of me closing the rift, I am happy to send.

This same thing happened in the last few weeks of the previous Season, and they did not update any records last time. Many of those people had photo and video proof as well, but it did not matter.

I expect it will be the same this time as well.

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