GR runs are not being record for personal best or leader boa

All of my characters have had GR runs that did not result in a new personal best or a hit on the leaderboards even when it was the first GR I had run with the toon. This has been true in Hardcore seasonal, regular seasonal, and regular SSF


When you complete a gRift and beat your previous record, you normally get a notification in the chat box as so:

Are you saying you are not getting that for all of your seasonal heroes ?

Hello, same problem here.
I did SEVERAL 100~120 with my monk, none registered this weekend…
Did now, 105 just to check, still not registering…

( )

Did 107… still 100 on record.

Embedding the picture for you…

and adding a screenshot of the leaderboard which I made just now:

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Thank you…
Btw, i dont get the community message, with my previous best, etc…

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Yes – that’s typical when that issue is present.

It’s an issue that comes back from time to time… I don’t know why but it doesn’t affect everyone. It’s as if some of the servers in the pool were not correctly configured. There isn’t much that can be done, except to report it as you have done and hope that Blizzard can figure out how to fix it.

Yesterday a friend did a rank 1 solo clear and this same thing happened. It was a few moment before I made a post on general discussions.

On the side note there was no message showing up congratulating new record. He finished before time-up, upgraded gems, and that was it.

Nothing so far.
Time to drop season, i guess.


You could do a bit of troubleshooting if you want to… it probably won’t solve the issue but it may yield some interesting info for you.

In your Diablo III game folder (mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\x64), there’s a file called D3Debug.txt. It contains a log of important events in your last game. The file gets overwritten each time you launch Diablo III… so, if you look at the file date and time in Windows Explorer… it will be fairly recent. One piece of interesting data in there is the highest solo GRift that each hero successfully completed. These data come from the server, not your PC.

Launch Diablo III and Exit Diablo III when the main menu shows up – no need to start a game.

If you open the D3Debug.txt file with Notepad or some other textfile editor, and search for “Hero List” (without quotes), it should bring you to a list of each of your heroes. Each line will have various data, such as:

  • Your BattleTag
  • The name of the hero
  • The class of the hero and the word HARDCORE if it is a hardcore hero
  • The current level of the hero
  • The value for the variable “aaLevel”
  • The value for the variable “pvpRank”
  • The value for the variable “flags”
  • The value for the variable “highestAct”
  • The value for the variable “highestSoloRift”

That’s the variable that you should take a look at for whatever hero you’ve been doing gRifts with recently (your Monk ?).

Question… have you been doing gRifts higher than that “highestSoloRift” value ? if not, it might explain why you’re not getting any chat message about beating your previous record.

Aside from that… don’t know. I’m a bit surprised at the small number of players reporting this issue. I haven’t encountered it yet… but then, I haven’t beaten my record for a little while (my post here)… the last record time was 14:18 and I’ve been trying to improve my equipment before making another attempt.

Take care.


I did take a look into that file, which was interesting, because my highestSoloRift there was 128 (from previous season), i guess because my hero is reborn?

Anyway, i put the command line parameter “OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default” to connect to the default server (USA), and it worked, i guess something is wrong with regional servers?
I did GR125, and it registered…

Sorry my bad english, and thank you for your support…

Guess i have to connect to default servers for pushing on the leaderboards, which isnt a great problem for me, except for the 100ms lag.

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perhaps… I don’t have any reborn heroes, so I didn’t know about that…hmmm… weird but interesting ! :slight_smile:

Yes… that’s what it looks like. Not sure how the maintenance of regional servers is organized within Blizzard.

I’m glad you could sort this out… in some way. Gratz on your new record.

Best of luck in your games !

I am encountering the same problem. This is only the case with my solo seasonal character. My character was rebirthed. Just did a GR75 with my Monk.

I’m having the same problem, did a 135 with my necro it recorded fine, but then on 26/7th ~ish october i did a 136 and nothing happened, ladder stayed the same, and did a 137 on wednesday, same problem, didnt record