Goodbye Inna on the next season

As usual, stupid devs on their nerf hammer. Nails the coffin on not buying any of their games anymore. LOL. They can go F themselves with this BS philosophy.


I just recently came back and i cant believe how dead the forums are, this is the only response to a 2100% nerf on a innas 6 piece in the monk forums lol

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If this nerf stays intact, I understand from others in this forum that this means there’ll be around 8-tier nerf to the Innas build. So, if you could clear GR140 before, this means you’ll be only able to clear GR132 after this nerf (if it stays as is).

The devs have serious problems with math. They should hire an intern to create some Excel spreadsheets to them.


Looks like the LOD wave of light build might see some play

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Yeah, the problem was that the entire 1000 ranks of solo Inna’s leaderboard was sub 3 minute GR150s, i.e. if GRs actually went higher than GR150, this build would have been capable of doing them. So, it’s more likely a nerf from GR155 to GR147 or so, i.e. it’s still a powerful build, just not a ridiculously overpowered outlier.


Do you like the inns build? I’m just trying to get a feel for the over reacting type of people and the it will be fine people. I find the it will be fine people usually don’t like the thing being nerfed while the over reacting people seem to main the thing getting nerfed. However, if your a monk main and love it and are saying it should be fine that would be more encouraging.

I like the new Inna build but I wouldn’t complain if the nerf was a little lower.

I am not sure what you are quoting here is for current Inna. These clear times should be from nerfed fire allies.

In the current season that does not have a straight power buff relative to non-season, only 91 monk players in the entire world solo cleared GR 150.

In the current non-season era 16 only 127 monk players solo cleared GR 150 in tbe entire world.

See for the D3 rankings.

Interestingly, tbe fastest non-season clears in era 16 by class are barbarians then monks then demon hunters.


Water allies still going to be the fastest t16- bounty build in the game by far. It sucks it got nerfed so hard but after seeing it happen time and time again with vyr, firebird, bonespear, aov etc. i don’t know why people are surprised anymore.
We still have an S build with WoL and that sanctified power sounds pretty crazy.

I’m 100% with you. They just obliterated a popular build for no good reason. I won’t drop even another penny on blizactivision if they continue in this direction.


Yup thanks to the wizards crying they ain’t op now they made inna set useless

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My issue with huge nerfs is that I get gun shy on investing in any build. No real guarantee that my efforts will be rewarded as they could be wiped out. So a shaky investment.


That has been their philosophy. You play their way. So unless you bot or you have no life, might as well just play to slay to enjoy the game and avoid the burnout/frustration as the game combat mechanics is really good.

Boot lickers here sees the power tripping devs’ philosophy and embraces it and if you say otherwise, they’ll say you’re not understanding the game. LOL. Like it’s really that complex.

I’m actually enjoying the game now by not grinding or pushing to get better gear or paragon.

Can you imaging the possibilities and build options if they didn’t nerf all those OP builds since the beginning and just keep bringing up the other builds? And then making the stash proportion to those builds. The game would be a lot better as you won’t run out of options to play. And example is ME3 multiplayer. Tons of options to play when they are all maxed out. Look at SFV, even though there are top tier classes, it’s a very well balanced game. These devs here should look into that philosophy. But what do I know, I don’t lick boots.


Yes, I can imagine everyone being capable of running solo GR150s in under 3 minutes and them becoming bored as hell because there’d no longer be any challenge other than beating a time, rather than beating a difficulty.

The game would be worse because you would run out of reasons to play.

If you have 42 builds and 1 is overpowered, the best way to balance the game, is to lower the power of the 1 overpowered build, not boost the other 41 builds to match it.


I think that’s 91 too many. It means there’s no wiggle room when season themes get tacked on. I’m still a firm believer in the guideline Blizz stated a few years ago of 130 ± 2 GRs for solo @ 5k paragon. Inna monk is about that, now?

Not to mention, op builds also makes 2/3/4-man ridiculously trivial. Even that has descended into a fish-heavy time attack with no seasonal buff. IMHO, it feels like zDH needs to be nerfed.

Oh FFS get out of here with “this needs a nerf too”. QQ all you want, just quit posting this garbage.

Probably because it’s still on the PTR. Things can and have changed. It’s not the first time they’ve grossly over-nerfed something only to adjust it little by little higher to get it where it’s near par with other sets.

Who knows, I’ve never had 5k paragon. I don’t know anybody with 5k paragon in the season. Even my friends-list has some die-hard players and they are only at 4k paragon.

That 5k paragon 130GR is completely arbitrary and out of touch with how the VAST majority of players approach and play the game.

I personally choose to NOT use the meta of the build, which of course is Innas with Endless Walk, COE, and Shenlong. Why? Because I dislike the playstyle of all three of those. But it does put me at a disadvantage, because you essentially MUST wear that gear to progress after a certain point. The game should encourage more diversity and experimentation with builds. Instead, many feel a sharp decline in progress and become discouraged and simply quit playing.