Good luck, have fun!

In a short matter of hours, we should all try our best to have fun. Every one of us are likely disappointed with at least one portion of what they’ve announced for D2R.

For me, Classic shared stash is my most disappointing non-feature. For some of you, it may be different. Perhaps you wanted personal loot, or charm inv, or skill buffs, or perhaps you think they’ve already changed too much, like wsg, wsm, eth bug, etc.

Either way I wish all of you good luck, and hopefully some of you will find an HR in the next few days, you lucky few!

Anyways, hopefully everyone from every thread and every disagreement enjoys their time, from plooters, and non plooters, jspers, and self found players, Pkers, pvpers, and pvmers alike.

Everyone, good luck and have fun I won’t likely see you here very much after tomorrow :slight_smile:

Also feel free to add me I’m always up for some gaming. See ya in game otherwise!

It’s been fun arguing with all of you these months.


Don’t give up the fight on the classic stash just yet!


Aye! Have great time anyone. Especially old farts like me over 40.



Oh I’m definitely not, I’m just going to enjoy LoD for a while, I’ll still be giving feedback.


Good, the old Geezer ain’t no quitter! :older_man:


personally the only thing i’am advocating for is more char slot (and maybe 1 or 2 extra non shared stash tab)
but hey who knows it might be there at launch ? or later on. (and maybe a holy grail tracker who knows :stuck_out_tongue: )

same goes for shared stash in classic , i still see no reasons for it not to be in classic as i often said so.
i never saw any classic player not wanting it…so don’t lose hope , the game is bound to get update post launch as they said :slight_smile:

eitherway indeed , let’s have fun in our various specific playstyle :stuck_out_tongue:


Diablo community can have some heated discussions but every member often are trying to make the game better on their own ways. Is fine disagree between themselves, but is a fact that most folks wish d2r to become a success.

I wish everyone a ton of fun times. Nice thread btw


Is 70 too old? I hope not as that’s me. The wife never played D2 so we will adventure together till hell freezes over. Just can’t sit in front of a computer as long as the old days! HA!


I don’t wish anyone or anything luck the lack of changes is vile and down right pathetic!!! I will be enjoying the masses of RMT spam and the bots that will be flooding and burning this game down around and with the purist who have once again doomed this game!!

See you in Hell, Boys! Last one there has to bring the ice!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You can’t drag us down you negative Nancy.

This is going to be amazing!


It will with all the bots , dupes and RMT just like it was back the. Just like it wil be now!! Enjoy your few weeks with a playerbase then it’s back to a ghost town beware of the bots and dupes blizzard can’t stop them

i don’t understand your meaning in being on this forum ,i mean all you do is being toxic and insulting the game at every post you make xD
if you don’t like the game , refund and play another game i guess…


“Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.”

Got a wood burning kit? Get a nice cut of cedar, get a calligraphy pen, write the above on the wood nice and neat, maybe a dazzling border, char the edges with a torch, then go to town with the wood burner. Glaze it over with some clear epoxy. Hang it up right above your monitor.



Yeah, how’d we get from such a positive OP to snarky bile in a handful of posts.

“It’s supposed to be a happy occasion, let’s not spoil it by arguing about who murdered who…”


GG no Re


Take it easy geezer, don’t worry you’ll get your stash in the end I expect.

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Geezer, you are a gentleman and a scholar.


Can’t wait to take the ears of the ploot criers! I figure I’ve got between a week and a month to find them before they F off to complaining about some other game.


Turlok, I am sure we all feel that way but the majority of them have said that they are refunding the game because they didn’t get their own way, there is a thread made of one of them denouncing us all.