GoD - Stricken vs Taeguk

Taeguk seems the no-brainer to me, and I want to keep Bane of the Trapped and of course, Simplicity’s Strength, so that only leaves me the one slot to play with.

I am currently running Taeguk, but it also seems that Stricken just might perform better, not only for the RG, but for anything that takes more that 3-4 hits to kill…

I can’t really show you the character a this time, because it’s still displaying my farming build, but when you look at it it might be the right one. I managed a GR108 with rank 106 BotT, SimStr, and Taeguk gems, but you won’t see those…lol…a millisecond power outage at my place reset my computer while I was in a GR105, and that character is dead.


Any opinions?

Simplicity’s Strength and Taeguk are mandatory for GOD DH. You should use Bane of the Trapped for farming and low GR, but for higher GR (starting around 110 in my opinion) you need to replace it with Stricken to be able to kill the RG fast enough.


3-4 hits would be ~6-8% how do you arrive at this logic?

I think that under 3-4 hits the damage bonus would be indiscernible.

Correction OP. Title should read GOD- Stricken vs trapped.

So if you replace Bane of the Trapped, do you replace Cull the Weak? And if so, with what? I use trapped, but the highest GR I have done is 111, so I am right at the cut off, and I did find killing the RG was very time consuming even at 111.

You should remove crimson, it will be fine next season because of 4th cube slot, but right now you’re missing 100% damage from depth diggers.
Wear Hunter’s wrath, cube depth diggers, put COE or elusive in cube, complete the god 6 part, and 111 will become a piece of cake.
You shouldn’t need stricken before 118-120 at your paragon.
Make sure you’re firing manual HA shots regularly enough too, at least once a second when you have a nice pack. Spam it even more on RG.

I’d like to point out that while taeguk gives you both armour and dmg (and more dmg than trapped if both gems are at the same lvl), trapped will give you a bit more dmg than taeguk if you take the cull the weak passive.

Personally I also take taeguk while pushing for the added armour, but it can give you an edge if you can take the punishment.


The only real choice is between Stricken and Trapped… and it’s not much of a choice.
For pushing Stricken can be better, for anything else – Trapped.

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6-8% dmg is indiscernible… taeguk is watered down some, but its still 40-50%… 3 hits of stricken is nothing

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Yeah, I lost my really good set, with the 106 gems, where I used the full 6-piece GoD, with DD in the cube with the satchel and Elusive, F&R equipped. Very tough, 3.2B Toughness when buffed. But nothing can stand still in a GR105 for ten seconds and survive.

So on this build I am also using Crimson for the damage buff and reduction and the CDR with a poorly rolled Ancient Dawn, but I have yet to find a new Fortress. So I’ve done a GR90 with rank 101 SS, and rank 25 Taeguk and Trapped…lol…So I have been farming keys and ranking up those 2 gems to 80 again. Then I should be back at 100 and start the grind again…hopefully with no power outage, as I have now moved out of the country into the city.

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not related to DH but when I’m on HC I make copies of my main gems and level those for augs. That way, when my toon dies (as it invariably does, to the delight of my kid), I get to start of with gems at a decent level :smiley:

That isn’t entirely accurate. Taeguk provides up to +80% damage in the “damage increased by skills” category (a.k.a. DiBS) which is unfortunately additive with a lot of other buffs including: Hungering Arrow +% (on quiver/belt/pants), Odyssey’s End bonus, Strongarm Bracers, Marked for Death, and a number of other buffs from other players.

Even with just Hungering Arrow +30% (from belt/pants), Taeguk will boost this to 110% and the relative benefit is 2.1/1.3 = 1.615 or a 61.5% damage bonus which is on par with the Bane of the Trapped (max of 60%).

If you play in a group that has someone using an Odyssey’s End, I strongly recommend using something other than Taeguk (even Bane of the Powerful).

i am para 3k in season and i can kill a gr 120 guardian with no stricken it just takes like 1:30 min, i always run taekguk and simplicity, i use bane for lower 110-115 and stricken above 120

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I finish GR116 in 7-8 min with Zei instead of Trapped. Taegul and Simplicity on the other slots. Zei is interesting to reduce the amount of attacks since it freezes with 20% chance. Never was convinced by Stricken to Trapped so far.

mmmm there’s something I’m not getting here. probably has to do with how buffs in different categories stack.

I’ve got a taeguk that gives around 50% extra dmg and a trapped that gives around 44% extra dmg. they’re both at the same lvl. since trapped autoprocs, however, my logic was combine it with cull the weak and you get 64%, which is higher than my taeguk (situational, of course, but GoD is pretty in-your-face anyway so…).

could you point me to some resources I could study?


Nobody uses Zei for GOD DH. Both Trapped and Stricken are superior.

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to expand on Altair’s “now run along, little one” argument, while I can see Zei helping out against a rift guardian in a rift that takes between 5 and 9 minutes to complete, it would be because of the distance buff.

in a 5-9 minute rift, stricken is still not vital, but it does help, making the buff it gives somewhat imperceptible at times. add to that the fact that - during the rift at least, I’m not clear on whether this affects the RG - trapped autoprocs, and that on a 115 you’re normally going to be in the thick of it (as you should, to proc your trapped), and zei’s value kind of diminishes (I’m assuming you want zei’s capacity to freeze to proc your trapped more than to actually stop the goons in there tracks).

as always though, testing it is the best way to find out. guess I’ll take my zei’s for a whirl, see how it goes :slight_smile:

Anything past 110 is anything but, been trying dh for a while now (this season), and it’s always been around 10 gr’s lower than my barb’s best of 123. Same on ptr as well.

want me to check your profile out? my barb’s highest clear (full augged ancients) is a 124 and my dh’s (only ancient weps) is a 121.

this build is very strong