GoD set still broken?

So for seasons I have wondered if blizzard will ever fix the Gears of Dreadlands set, what I mean is, when strafing, it applies the buff from wraps of clarity, but yet I have to stop every 5 seconds to shoot my weapon manually to apply the stacks of momentum, this makes no sense to me at all.
So should they fix it to apply momentum or to stop applying the buff from wraps of clarity, so it would have to be manually done as well.

It works as intended. You are supposed to manually build up the momentum stacks. You need to manually fire a primary anyway to keep F&R buffs up too.

The only thing I personally would change is adding a few second delay before the stacks start to fall off.


It works as intended
Is what a company says when something is broken and they can’t figure out how to fix it.

Seriously though, still not sure why the buffs from the wraps apply when strafing, but momentum doesn’t, makes the GoD set unbearable to play for long periods of time, done made a monk and its a lot faster, I guess DHs will remain slow for now till they can fix it or revamp it.

There’s nothing to be fixed. It’s not broken.

The building up of momentum stacks manually is an intended function. It is not supposed to be a single button lazy build. Firing a primary once in 4 seconds should not be too much effort for anything.


I’m with ya hate the maintaining momentum, then you also have to make sure you keep F/R up AND make sure you don’t lose your squirts stack, nope, no thanks. Not for me.

Switched to a multishot build with endless walk and coe and haven’t looked back, literally zero difference in clear times either because what good is squirts if you can’t maintain a 10 stack and it gets you one tapped anyway.

It was a deliberate decision by the devs. Otherwise you would literally have a one button build. I don’t know why anyone would want that. Zero interaction = zero fun.

To the other half of the question, why do the procced primaries proc other effects like WoC? the answer is again it was a deliberate decision by the devs. In many other instances, procced skills don’t proc other things, but the devs decided to include most of those to make the set play more viable, area damage being the most important one. They could have left all of those out, except area damage, and it wouldn’t make much difference.

And finally, to you and all the other people that can’t stop complaining about it, you don’t have to play GoD by perma-strafing. The same people that told you to perma-strafe are the same people that recommend weaving your primaries with Strafe, so feel free to not do it that way. You could just play it more simply by firing the primary manually and only strafing every five seconds (to get F/R and God4) or when you need to get out of danger.

Why do you have to stop to maintain stacks?

Bind your primary to your left mouse button, Stafe to your right. Tap the left mouse button once every five seconds and you will always be at 15-20 stacks. Your guy will hiccup/pause when you do but it is a pretty meaningless “stop”.

If I don’t stop every 1-2s to hold button for 1-3s I lose all momemtum stacks because for some reason on console momemtum stacks don’t build up sometimes when you shoot hungering arrow manually.

This happens sometimes on PC too when manually shooting hungering arrow while holding down the strafe skill on another keybind, even if you can see the manual hungering arrow hit a target. This means you need additional manual casts to keep your stacks up.

It sounds like a bug, maybe? Or I am missing something here. I have strafe on my right click and hungering arrow on key 2. When a rift stars, I hit 2 for 4-5 times in a row to get to 20 stacks and after that keep my finger on the right click. What i do is every couple of seconds i lift my finger of the mouse button and hit 2. It takes like a milisecond and after playing for a few hours I don’t even notice it anyomore. It’s just muscle memory. You also need to cast vengeance every now and then. You shouldn’t be able to lose all momentum stacks unless you stop for 10 seconds or more and do nothing. This sounds strange. Maybe a console thing, I am not sure.

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I actually like having to maintain momentum gives me something to do. You can also get more DPS by firing of arrows between stafe frames. I get burnt out on the lazy builds very quick.

I think its still broken, if it was working as intended then why does it say when you have 4 items of the set strafe will automatically shoot your last used primary skill. I also watch some streamers play this and they build the stacks at beginning of rift and they start straffing and their stacks drop a few then they bump back up. Mine just drop all the way while straffing and never bump back up.

Their momentum builds back up because they’re “strafe weaving”. Meaning, they are firing their generator manually while strafing. Most people do this by putting the generator on the keyboard and tapping that button while holding down strafe. You’ll continue to strafe but by manually firing your generator it will cause you strafe to “stutter”. Meaning, you never have to stop strafing and you’ll keep your momentum up.

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If I hold down strafe and tap hungering arrow every few seconds nothing happens. I have to let go off strafe and hold down hungering arrow for 1-2s before I let go off it and hold down strafe again.

Is Hungering Arrow on your mouse? If it is, remap it to your keyboard and put another skill on your mouse. That should fix your problem. Otherwise, it sounds like there’s an issue with your keyboard and/or mouse, not the set, because it works for everyone else.

Strafe = RT
Hungering Arrow = A

Do i understand you right?

You have strafe on keyboard “R” and “T”.
Hungering arrow on “A”.

My guess is that there is your source of trouble.

Remap strafe to right mouse, (mouse 2), that way you can use the mouse to navigate the map while holding down your mouse button. Pressing A will now break the strafe.

My suspicion is that if both are on keyboard you will have to release strafe n order for A to get through.



You can’t just hit HA whenever you want to because of this pesky thing called attack speed. Whenever you attack, there is a brief cooldown before you can attack again. More attack speed reduces that cooldown. You have to find the rhythm where you can weave in a HA, and you have to be able to adapt your rhythm to having Frenzied or Dimensional Speed, dual wielding or using 2h weapons.

If you try to shoot HA while your attack is on cooldown from Strafe, the game will ignore it, the same way it would if you tried to reactivate Vengeance while it is on cooldown. When people say “weave in an attack” they mean it literally. You have to fire in between strafe attacks. Either in town or somewhere relatively safe like the Fields of Misery, go strafe around and practice finding the rhythm. Once you get it down, you won’t have to stop strafing any more to shoot HA.

Oh you are on console. Sorry bud, my bad.

I hope someone else can hint on a solution for you.