GoD DH: No damage after rez

I have a GoD DH running 100 GRs right now. Thing is, I’m often doing no damage at all. I think it’s related to Bonus 4 of the set. It says it will use your last used primary skill but it doesn’t seem to see one, so not only am I doing no damage, my hatred is falling fast. It’s as if I don’t have a target. This always happens after rez and sometimes just when I’m starting. I’m wondering how I can fix it.

Your weapon or gear may have 0 durability. If this is the case, repair at the blacksmith. If you see a yellow or red graphic at the top right of the UI, it means that your gear is in need of repair. Red means 0 durability, yellow is 50%. Not really a bug, unless it’s doing something that is not intended.

I’ve never encountered this issue and based on the description the cause is likely just broken gear as mentioned above.

If you die often enough to break your gear, you might need to adjust your build for better survival.

Looking at your web Profile I would think you know how to play your GoD build. But, based on your description I’m wondering if you’re maybe misunderstanding something.

You must know that you have to manually fire Hungering Arrow (or other Primary Skill) before GoD will automatically fire it.

It sounds like your Momentum stacks are dropping off and you’re not refreshing them.

Make sure:

  1. As soon as you enter a hostile area you fire off 5 Hungering Arrows to get your 20 Momentum stacks. (Even if there are no monsters around and you’re shooting air).

  1. Your Momentum drops off every second. After 4 seconds you will be down to 16 stacks. One manual shot of Hungering Arrow will give you back 4 stacks of Momentum. So, you want to make sure you manually fire a Hungering Arrow once every 2 to 4 seconds to keep your 20 stacks up. This will also ensure that Strafe automatically fires a Hungering Arrow for you. Note: The automatic Hungering Arrow fired by Strafe DOES NOT refresh your Momentum.

  1. If you die, you lose your Momentum stacks. As soon as you Revive, fall back and when your Character is active again, immediately fire off 5 Hungering Arrows to get your stacks back and then you can start Strafing again. If there are a lot of monsters in the area where you Revive, you may have to fire off a couple of Hungering Arrows, move out of the line of attack, fire off a couple more Hungering Arrows and move again until you get your Momentum stacks up.

If you’re already doing all this, then you’ll just have to hope Blizzard’s QA Team can reproduce the condition, based on the information provided in your OP, and submit the information to the Developers.
Good luck and good hunting!  

Edit: One last thing: You have Bastions of Will (Focus/Restraint) equipped. They only work when you hit a target with your Resource-generating Skill and then attack with a Resource-spending Skill. (One more reason to manually fire Hungering Arrow every 4 seconds while Strafing).

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Thanks so much. Yes, it is the momentum I think. I do try to fire off hungering arrow and I’m firing it all the time I’m strafing. I’ll try the suggestion about manual firing at the start and see if that changes things. Thanks again!

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One last thing about the Bastions of Will Rings:

  • Hungering Arrow is your Resource-generator. It homes. That means, as long as there are monsters in the area, it will hit one or more of them. This will proc your first Ring.

  • Strafe is your Resource-spender. After you hit a target with Hungering Arrow (manually), Strafing through the crowd will proc your second Ring.

  • The Rings only last for 5 seconds. Since you want to manually fire Hungering Arrow at least every 4 seconds to retain your 20 Momentum stacks, you should have no problem keeping both Rings proc’d for maximum Damage.

In summary: When you encounter the enemy, always lead with a manual shot of Hungering Arrow. Then, Strafe through the mob.

Sadly, I just tried out your suggestions and still couldn’t get the shots to start doing damage. One thing I hadn’t noticed is that hungering arrow does nothing. I mean, there is no graphic or anything to indicate it has fired off. Is this normal? I hadn’t noticed it before.

While strafing? The hungering arrow only fires if there’s a target. If you strafe in place with nothing around, it’ll only fire the strafe projectiles.

Plus due to the speed that you have while strafing (a full momentum stacks), the hungering arrow is very difficult to see. But it’s there.

When you look at one of your GoD set pieces, are all 3 effects lit up in green (the 2, 4 and 6 bonuses)?

According to their web Profile they are wearing all 6 GoD pieces.

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Ah okay. When I tried a little bit ago, I got the no profile exists page.


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Yes they are all lit up and I keep my gear fully repaired as well. It’s odd that I see the health bars above the enemies’ heads just staying at full health while I’m running around, firing hungering arrow/strafe like a fool. On one run, it took me ten tries (repairing in between) to drop a boss in a 100 level dungeon that usually would take me about a second. I never noticed these problems until recently but I’m having a terrible time trying to figure them out. I have some time later today to go try again and see if I can see the problem.

If you’reable, you can record an example showing the steps you’re taking, upload it to a hosting site, and put a link here.

Others can watch it and see if anything stands out.

To put links in a post, paste it in, then use the “Preformatted text” on it. Thats the </> symbol in the tool bar. It will look similar to:


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Good idea. I will see if I can do a recording of the next episode. I just did a run and it went better. To test that I was, indeed, shooting the last thing I cast, I changed the sentry to bolas just because they’re easier to see. They did fire off so that’s working. Looks like I just started doing something differently than I had been doing. I’ll keep at it now that I know I’m not bugged.

If you have a YouTube account and upload your video there you can embed the video in your post. Trust Level 1 users can do this. (I think).

When you create your Reply post the URL to the video on a blank line.

Just in case these forums don’t let you, convert the link to Preformatted Text. (But, I believe you’ll be able to embed it here. As long as you upload it to a trusted site. Like YouTube or Twitch).


The Bolas fired because they’re a Resource-generator. But, you know, Sentries are Resource-spenders. Strafe won’t fire them automatically.

No, I just used the bolas on the same key to be sure the key was firing. It seems the problem has sorted itself out or I’m doing something differently. For now, it isn’t occurring but I will be sure to make a vid if it does.

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If it turns out you need more help, you might want to move this thread to the General Discussion forum or the Demon Hunter forum. At least until we can determine that it is a game bug.

Just for the record, yesterday and today I’ve been playing my Unhallowed build and my Marauder’s build. I decided to try my GoD build and got her up to GR114 without any issues. (I only mention it because I haven’t seen any other players reporting an issue with GoD. And there’s a lot of them on the Leaderboards).

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I moved the thread to DH from bug reports because I don’t know if it’s a bug either. So odd that it would have appeared like that and then just disappeared. I will keep an eye, maybe even making another DH, in case it pops back up.

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You’ll probably get better help here. Even if you don’t run into these issues again, some experienced, knowledgeable Demon Hunters may offer you some tips.  

Don’t know if it is a part of the problem, but do you play with one finger on the force stand still button while strafing with one mouse button (down all the time, at least when hitting something) and hungering arrow on the other mouse button firing intermittantly?

I don’t know the force stand still button but I have hungering arrow on the left mouse button and strafe on the right. If I follow you, that sounds like what I do, yes. The strafe button goes down first when there’s a target, followed by the hungering arrow key. I use the number keys for vengeance, prep and sentry.