GoD DH Exploit wrecking S25

Everyone who exploited the bug should have their account rolled back to the day Season started.

Total farce and a joke if they get to keep their paragon and gems.

Says it has.

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Good news. I was watching the DH exploit spd farm on discord stream as I type the post.

Hopefully it clears thing up and even out the unfair advantage exploiters have.

Good news for cheaters, Prime Evil Collection is on holiday sale!


That’s really not necessary. Just ban enough that people will think twice before openly exploiting a game bug again.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes, young Padawan.

So bad they dont even need…
I just played bounty game with 3k paragon guy, i inspected his season profile and he still have 150gr achievement on his profile with 1:50 time, and hes still playing, so no bans. WTF blizzard


Awww, yall just sad that you didnt get extra 5,000 paragon before they fixed the exploit.
Nobody was banned. everything stays. sorry you missed it.

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It’s the holiday season. Blizzard employees have lives. Plus, Blizzard as a company is fighting numerous fires related to poor management.

Researching and fixing an exploit on a legacy game, in a season for which we pay nothing, might not be high on anyone’s list atm.

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As I do not tend to watch streamers day in and day out I and play casually, I feel rolling back the season would be a disservice to those playing multiple toons or not playing a dh,

As far as banning, if the exploit is not explained how can one know there are using the exploit? Again if like me you do not spend your day watching streamers and you find ways to combine equipment based on the new seasons perks that improve you ability how is that cheating

People using the exploit were extremely obvious. That’s all you need to know. Plus the exploit was available non-seasonal as well.

How are they getting so much progression so quickly? On the second map the group only explored a small section of the map yet have like 40% rift progression.

Even bigger than the exploit for console players though is the modders. Hacking weapons that do millions of damage and armor that make you invulnerable

Does not even matter what gear you want just make it…both SC and HC leaderboards are fill completely with this crap.

This is D3. Cheaters, exploits, leaderboards, all of it doesn’t matter, like who cares? For real.

Just play it for the online single player experience, get the season rewards and be done with it. Next season repeat.