GoD DH Exploit wrecking S25

Just curious and not saying this to offend you but why do you play if you don’t care about leaderboards?

What’s the point in gearing your character in the first place if you ain’t going to try and get onto the leaderboard?

Do you just repeatedly clear normal rifts with no end goal? I don’t get it

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Kill demons, try out new builds, match/beat personal bests, etc.

The leaderboards have always been pointless for solo players - exploits or not, people with group-leveled paragon and group-leveled gems/augments will dominate anyway. (This season evens out the augment situation a bit.)

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Okay then why are you posting in this thread, which is to help resolve the exploit that is wrecking leaderboards for people who do care about that?

Easy fix - just ban and wipe all the demon hunters. :stuck_out_tongue:

You say it’s pointless for solo players which is not true, I’m a solo player and always strived to get onto the leaderboard which i normally do every season.

I guess whatever floats your boat, if killing demons for no reason is your thing, respect that.

Kinda like showing up to a soccer game and not caring what the result will end up, aslong as you kicked the ball about and had fun :smile:

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You don’t have to be in the competition to want the competition to be fair.


Spot on!
I don’t understand why people question others motivation to do things.
Anybody that comes to play or post in forum (must) have the same desire - fair play, be able to play a fair game… why it is so hard to grasp?


You know, I play mostly solo and don’t normally trouble the leaderboards. But last season I got on the Necro LB, not very high, but on there. Now, if there were enough people cheating that wouldn’t have happened. If the bots and cheats had been banned then I would have done even better. So it’s important even to casual players like me.


that’s like saying why you go running in the morning if you are not going compete in marathon. Some people suggested season reset, and someone say season reset will be end of season for them, which is what I was agreeing to.
I didn’t say just leave it as is, just not the season reset.

easy fix, all attack DDOS to ip servers 24/7

Totally agree, I completed the season and now it’s over for me, don’t want to do it again

Even if we assume the player base is only the thousands on the boards that’s about 0.5% of the chars that cheats. Even if we assume those 34 has one of each class on the boards due to inflated stats that’s still only 3%.

You might be one of that 34…

Yeah, my level 110 gems and less than a 1000 paragon sure scream “exploit”.


At 4:23 in this video by Wudijo he shows a blue response in the Chinese forum.

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You could have been one of the 34 who didn’t make it…

EU servers had a quick reboot…

Just logged into game and looked at the EU Season 25 leaderboards.
The top solo GoD DH clearance is a GR120, and overall solo DH is a GR132 with Marauder.
So, at the very least there’s been a leaderboard reset.

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Why should I start over if I played fair? I took a vacation at the start of the season. Now go and tell my employer to give me time off again because there is some kind of bug in the game.

Hot news: At EU ladder was cleaerd from those abusers as in the season as no-season as well.

Thats what we think and logically best way, but the fact is not all players are banned at every exploit historically. With Bone Ringer bug in the past, the top 2 man clear was friend on mine. 1 got banned while the other survived, any one cared to explain why? Both used the SAME bug and will register on the same log as clear is same.

Really that simple? Its not just the solo clear/LB and ranks. Its the paragon farming. You do a legit 150 clear and speed 149 in 30s to 1 min.

Exactly this. I could do the same thing as well, its no secret.

We need this. China never perma ban players, yet they have released blue post on strictest ban in history illustrate how serious this bug is.


LB has been cleared, so what? Bug isnt fixed. Just gave players more opportunities to hide. There are no known ban yet.