Gibbering Gemstone drop rate is just dumb

There is nothing fun about running this same cave run 300+ times and still not getting this dumb Gibbering Gemstone for the alter. Honestly, just increase the drop rate of the thing. This is the most un-fun thing I have ever done in diablo, ever, on all games.


They should “altar” the drop rate for sure. :wink:


the drop rate does suck from season 14 to season 25 it never dropped once for me season 27 got 2 of them
season 28 it took me about 16 trys why back when in vanilla diablo it was a common drop that fell every time with a drop rate of about 95 % then they nerfed it to drop .95 percent

You must be super unlucky. I got my GG in 32 games, 14 of which were Icefall Caves. I did it in Campaign mode, to get rid of one RNG layer (Chiltara is guaranteed to spawn in Caverns of Frost in campaign). Ye, sure, it took me some time to get to that point in campaign, but then, upon every game restart, I had a portal directly to Fields of Slaughter. (By the way, during this campaign I got Liquid Rainbow on the first try.)

Just wait until you workout how many primals you need and how easy they are to pickup to finish the altar
makes the whole gibbering gemstone look easy
and isn’t a million topics on the droprate of the gibberling gemstone enough, you had to make more?

This season RNGzuz is being real mean to me. I have gotten 9 primals but my altar is still not unlocked because 4 of them have been really good ones that you don’t want to sacrifice.

It is very boring that’s the problem. Took me about 50 tries to get plans for staff too. Other than that loving the season. I got staff out the way day 2 so I could get on with the fun stuff. The primals were fine to get as it just comes from grs which I enjoy anyway

I have a reasonable fix for drop rates:

Each time you kill Chiltara, your personal drop rate is improved by 1%. So that way, you don’t have to kill her more than 100 times before you are guaranteed a drop.

That solves RNG for those who are just really unlucky, and still gives you enough randomness. All they have to do is keep track of how often you kill her, which is probably why it would not be implemented, but hey, it was a great idea while it lasted! Thanks for listening.

:white_check_mark:Plays a loot grinding game

:white_check_mark:Gets mad when you have to grind loot

:white_check_mark:Pouts about it on the forum

Git gud maybe? :man_shrugging:

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How does being “gud” control bad RNG?

You can be a great statistician. That does not mean that you will win the powerball lottery.

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Best I’ve ever gotten playing powerball was getting just the powerball itself a few times, which was worth $6 as I recall. I just turned that into 3 new tickets that were all losers the next time around.

Clearly I suck at picking the right numbers.

But I don’t go find a lottery message board and then complain about it when I can’t win.

Thankfully, Diablo doesn’t have the same risks as actual gambling though. Please gamble responsibly.

Or if we want to use the same logic on a different type of game. If I want to play a competitive pvp game, and then got mad because I can’t win every match, then maybe competitive pvp isn’t the right thing to play.

Except this is a video game made for fun where the altar is not supposed to be “that difficult”.

While on the grind yesterday, I got the Caverns of Frost on one of my many restarts. Had a good feeling on this one run. The crazy cavern spawned a goblin that sent me to Whimsydale. Then, immediately after, I mean on the same screen when I returned from Whimsydale, I got another goblin that sent me to the the Cow level. Yes, I was feeling good…

Until Chiltara didn’t spawn.

This is a bit nuts starting and stopping games over and over.

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The drop rate is 5% which is low but not unreasonable. I did the altar twice. The first time I got the GG on my 3rd kill. The second time when I hadn’t got it after more than 100 kills, I wrote a little script to simulate what it looks like across a large group of players.

The overall average was 20 kills to get the GG but there is a long curve of what you could call luckiness and some folks will inevitably be on the far end of the bad luck. The worst my script ever came up with was about 200 kills (not 200 games, since there’s a chance of not finding the caverns or Chiltara) but that is basically 1 in 10,000. Sorry, if that 1 in 10,000 is you.

I still haven’t seen an ancient puzzle ring, aside from the two that I had burn over a 1000 forgotten souls on to reforge. It’s just the nature of a rng game.

I’m on the far end of bad luck…

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Difference is you get primals from doing the fun things in game, remaking games ad nauseam to hunt Chiltara is unfun to say the least.


So wraps up another day of grinding with no GG.

I don’t call running GR ad nauseum fun
and the highest difficulty rating to play at is a joke when there is no contest and is just a waste of blindly running around with your eyes shut without an issue
Hell, you can get surrounded and not get hurt, kinda turns the whole game into a joke
all Diablo 3 needs now days is 1 town , 1 pylon to open rifts and GR and theres the game, no need to call diablo, diablo isn’t even involved and call it GR ‘R’ US

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Seeing as that’s the majority of the game, why play it at all if you don’t find that fun? Playing games for must of us is a leisure activity after all, seems somewhat not smart to waste that time on things you don’t find fun.

The highest difficulty is grift 150, and while I’m sure you can reach that level of power eventually I haven’t and you sure as hell haven’t either.

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After 2 and a half days straight of grinding, Chiltara finally dropped it. This is on top of many random one off “let’s hop over and see if the caverns of frost is there” run over teh course however long. Good luck all. It’s a PITA.

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