Genuinely curious. Anyone under the age of 25?

Hell is there anyone under the age of 30? Not to knock it, I love d2, played diablo 1 when it came out at the age of 9, but I feel a lot of the hype and allure to it is that many of us played it as kids. I’m wondering if the kids that are now playing minecraft and roblox would be into something like this.


My almost 14 year old stepson couldn’t give a rats a$$ about this game no matter how much I try to pump him up for it LOL

But I will continue to whisper your terror Lord Diablo


36 here! was 15 years old when D2 came out. i brought it on launch day. was so hyped about it. because D1 was one of my favorites games at the time.


indeed neither under 25 nor under 30 :stuck_out_tongue:
and yea i discovered D1 as a kid too , the butcher was quiet scary but i managed nonetheless to finish the game despite it being in english only on pc.
Then i played the playstation version which was in French (both text and voice)

then hellfire. (which of course was only in english since pc only)

and eventually Diablo 2 which is probably the game i played the most in my gaming life :stuck_out_tongue: (there was also phantasy star online which i played quiet a bit though less)

then i went to D3 at launch (when armageddon was actually hard) , then came back to D2 after having farmed about everything ,then came back to D3 to finish reaper of soul and then came back to D2 xD

Yeah at 33 I feel a bit on the younger end of things when it comes to the diablo crowd. As a kid I never ventured far beyond nightmare, especially because at some point early on I became a hardcore only player and it wasn’t until I was much older that I really started to understand the systems under the hood.


<.< … >.> … <.< … 30, 31 later this year… I was babbu baby boy in 4th grade at launch lol.

All the current era of gamers want is instant gratification, sports games, shooters and lootboxes and customizable skins. Diablo 2 offers none of that.


36, also.

Any of you old farts wanna group up sometime? I’m pretty casual compared to my heyday; I only ever get to game after 8:00pm CST and only for a few hours, a few nights a week.

I’d probably only join random online games if my intent is to farm experience. Unless some people are available to group up, I had planned on mainly taking my journey solo.

Unless there is new content etc. This game won’t attract the young ones.
This is an old fart game.

I’m basically the same….but 2 years older….can hit me up in game whenever you want :+1:

I’m 41. May get my 16 year old daughter to play, but probably not.


33, another one dino.

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To be fair, most diablo players, be it d2 or 3, would probably skip or buy their way straight to the end game grind if they could. Im most likely in the minority here, becouse I like to take my time with games like these.

Its not the endgame, but the journey there.


I have tried to get all of my nieces and nephews into it. Not one of em want anything to do with it. I’m 33.

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I dont know about most D2 players. I think most of us here, wana see the pretty graphics.

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I cannot wait to get to chaos sanctuary!!


I’ll send you a request tonight sometime. I can’t get the Battle app to load on my phone for some reason.

Like WoW back in the good ol days of Vanilla, TBC and Wrath, it was the journey for me. Getting to end game was the goal, but it was a lot of fun playing through.


Over 50.
I was 28 when Diablo 1 was released.


Finding that Dope Mid Level, Unique is so much more impactful in the journey, were if we could all warp to the end, it would be meaningless.