Genuinely curious. Anyone under the age of 25?

10-4 I’ll be logging in at launch

Would kind of defeat the purpose of a remaster otherwise :smiley:

apparently not to some people on these here forums.

  1. Nice to know we’re all meeting up again 20 years later
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40 here. Looking for great times.


I am 43. Unlike most of the posters here I was actually old enough to play DIablo II when it came out


indeed nicely said , join the Self looter !
let’s do the holy grail once again in D2:R as self loot , might take multiple years , but every new item added to my grail will bring me joy even bad items :stuck_out_tongue:

if by “here” you mean this topic , doesn’t seem to be the case though.
i’ve yet to see any under 30 for now.

Model ´72 here. The upper engine still feels like a ´90 model, altho the chassis has seen better days, with paint beginning to peel of here and there and the interior is beginning to show its wear and tear. Can still do the mileage nonetheless!


i only play old fart games!

jfc, if im not in Sanctuary, im in Norrath.

I’m wondering if the kids that are now playing minecraft and roblox would be into something like this.

I’m 32. Been playing D2 off and on since classic back when it first launched.
Funny thing, I also played a lot of Minecraft, but that was back in its Alpha and briefly post-Alpha… it was a different thing and culture back then. A lot of young adults making things and drawing pixel art to be honest.

I feel a lot of the hype and allure to it is that many of us played it as kids.

The game briefly ran out of steam for me back in Highschool. Studies ramped up and I was just getting burned out. But I came back a few years later and have been coming back once a year or so since. The allure never died. The hype waned a couple of times. The beta of D2R was fun.


I use to play minecraft with a few gaming buddies. We should build giant themed towns, village and cities. It was a lot of fun. But after a bit we got bored.

Minecrafts a lot like legos. You can only have so much fun with out the star wars ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

Never went for the grail, but I allways stash away any uniques and set pieces I find in Plugy :slightly_smiling_face:

70 here - have issues with 13 hours a day in front of a computer but me and the wife will hit 85 eventually. 99 maybe not.


47 here and I remember buying my first pc
With a 3dfx card just for d2
I will never forget the click when it fired up
Ah memories


51 and growing by the day


Age 38 here… slowly grinding my way towards 99.


I have a feeling also that the age of someone still interested in discussions on an internet forum tend to skew older as well. Just about anyone under the age of 30 is used to an age of the internet where discussions about many things are dominated on a handful of central social media companies or discord.

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For some people, time has probably slowed to a near stop.

If there is no one under 25, that bodes ill for a “next generation.”


I’ve been thinking about d4 and whether it will sell anywhere near as well as d3 did. The anticipation to d3 was insane in the early 2010’s. 10 long years had passed between d2 and d3 only for d3 1.0 to be a total disaster at launch in so many ways. D3 I think is now in a fun, but arcadey state today but it’s still hampered by very poor design decisions made in its early development days. I’m really wondering how d4 will be received in the future.