Game freezing in the loading screen


Hello !

Diablo 3 is sometimes freezing when I’m launching it for the first time of the day.
The game in itself starts fine, I can navigate the main menu, select a character, but when I’m clicking the “Start game” button, the loading bar appears to stop near the end, and the game freezes.
I can’t access the task manager, all I can do is sign out of my session using CTRL+ALT+DEL and start everything up from scratch, hoping that the freeze won’t reoccur.

I opened a support ticket last year, but nothing really changed since then. I thought I had solved it a few weeks back by disabling the SteelSeries Engine 3 Core process from launching with Windows (the program itself was already set to not launch on boot, but this thingy was for some reason), it worked flawlessly until today, when a freeze happened…

Here’s a few things that I noticed :

  • The game is freezing on the loading screen, on the first pass of the “diamonds” lighting up, right before reaching the last one.
  • It’s not happening every time, and I can’t pinpoint what could possibly cause it (nothing’s changing on my setup, no new hardware, software, etc…)
  • It seems that I’m always able to enter and complete the weekly challenge rift, the problem appears to be adventure mode related only (i.e. launching the game, selecting the challenge rift, completing it, switching back to adventure mode -> freeze in the loading screen). Maybe the game isn’t checking/loading things related to the bug there ?
  • My D3Debut.txt file is filing up with these warning lines after a freeze :
    2019.07.12 15:48:27.040832100 WARNING: W 13:48:22.370504 [BGS] |event=rapidxml_parse_error|what=expected <|where=000001c28accd3a0 (src\low\rapidxml\bgsxml.cpp:14)

And here’s a list of things that I have already tried :

  • Switching from the 64bits to the 32bits version of the game.
  • Changing my AMD drivers (from most recent to some older versions, using DDU -Display Driver Uninstaller- in safe mode with no internet access).
  • Using the repair tool in Bnet (nothing found).
  • Disabling or exiting every overlay-type software before launching Bnet (Discord, Windows DVR, AMD ReLive…)
  • Disabling Windows Defender.
  • Deleting D3Prefs.txt.
  • Checking my temps with SpeedFan (GPU Max temp in game when it’s working : 65°C, CPU at 45°C).
  • Using the Memory Diagnostic Tool (no errors reported).
  • Resetting my router, and ipconfig /release, /renew & /flushdns before launching Bnet.
  • Uninstalling/Reinstalling Bnet and Diablo 3.
  • Reinstalling Windows 10.

So, what should I do now ? Reopen a support ticket ?
I really hope that someone will have a solution for that, it’s a really annoying bug…
Thanks in advance everyone !

D3Debug : pastebin :
DxDiag : pastebin :
MSInfo : pastebin :

Is the disconnect problem ever going to be fixed?

Sometimes I get frozen with this xml_parse_error while loading the town screen.
Fortunately, not often.

It doesn’t reoccur after restart again with launcher.
I guess it is related to corrupted data cache. Relaunch might reload the data and fix the problem by itself.

Are you using Fullscreen mode? If so, try using Windowed(Fullscreen) mode, it is easier to switch to desktop than Fullscreen mode, I think.


I’ll try the borderless windowed mode thanks, but it’ll save me a few seconds at best (signing out/in is pretty fast), as I doubt that it’ll fix the issue in the first place…


Hey DUkE,

Are you able to try moving Diablo 3 over to the SSD (C:) temporarily to see if that prevents it from happening? Since it’s freezing during the loading screen I’m wondering if it’s an issue reading the game data from your HDD (E:).