From the Barb Community: DO NOT NERF REND

It would be nice to get something, I’d have to agree. Even a ‘shut up and eat your cold gruel barbs, this is all you’re getting’. That way we can figure out what we’re doing next season.

What is this “blog” people keep mentioning? I follow the news through diablofans

The home page.

That’s where things get posted.

To add to that, the announcement below showing 2.6.6 is alive is considered a blog.

I am going to spin to win regardless, but can I do so in bloody rend fashion? Or will I just speed farm out with the normal setup and call it a day (I get on the LB, and that is good enough for me haha)?

Hope to know soon.

When are they going to announce anything?

Supposedly the patch notes will go live either today or tomorrow. Whichever day it is, I would not expect them until around 5pm Pacific time. We usually tend to get them later in a day, but not always.

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It’s gonna be interesting either way when the patch notes drop. Either lamentation will get the nerf, and the cries of a thousand, nay a million barbs will cover the forums, or it will be at 200% and we’ll get a lot of ‘the toxic barb community pressured Blizz into caving’. Or it will be at 100% and most people will be happy, if not completely satisfied with it. Cant wait!

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Blizz has allowed it to boil away for so long now without response, that I fear there will be a massive blow up no matter which way it goes.


Three new Wild Items appear

Flesh Tearer

Skull of Resonance

Krelm’s Buff Belt

Click on items for details.

Waiting for the 2.6.7 Patch Notes


I hope you don’t have to pay royalties on those gifs.

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Fact: Conan the Barbarian is one of my favorite movies of all time. Fantastic casting, script, and soundtrack. The direction and cinematography are amazing.

Rather than read the story like a traditional male power fantasy, I argue the film is far more subversive. Though the film revels in Conan’s combat prowess, it rarely achieves anything meaningful. His desire for revenge results in the death of Valeria, and it is she, his equal in all ways, who must save him in the film’s climax. The final scene of Conan carrying away the princess is less about winning a woman as a prize and more an admission that the act is essentially hollow: The woman he loves is dead, and the one in his arms will never be a suitable replacement. Solving the riddle of steel has not brought him peace. If anything, it has only brought a sense of unease, of confusion, and of loss.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call the film feminist, but I would argue that it offers tremendous potential for interesting and generative analyses.


Me too. Arnold’s acting is so bad it actually becomes good

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Wow! Blast from the past…this may inspire a re-watching now :rofl:


These posts of yours only proves how this community is rich of ideas and would make this game even greater if we would actually be heard


Agreed. Such a great film. I hope the rumors of a third installment (done in the spirit of the first film) becomes a reality. It would bring closure to that rendition of the character and the icon career of the one who was born to play the role.


Is there even going to be a season 19 at this point…?

Haha yea, I watch that film about 3x a year and it still blows me away. I guess what I take away from it is that rather than a tale of heroism and martial prowess, Conan is very human story about love, about sacrifice, about the conflict between ideology and lived experience, and about the unbelievably powerful connections we make with people. I legit get teary when he lights Valeria’s funeral pyre.


I still like Jason Momoa version of Conan. Different story but he played the role fairly well.

I’ve always felt like the developers hated the Barbarian class, not even as a tank, they won’t give us anything really.