From the Barb Community: DO NOT NERF REND

I used to watch fluffly, but i’m done. He let his ego get the best of him. All he had to do was say “sorry, 7 gr is not a small nerf mb, didnt calculate correctly”.

Instead he has been using strawman and red herring arguments; and now straight up ad hominem attacks againt ppl posting in this thread :frowning:


Nope, now it’s 120.000%, because I said so !

Agreed, that should of been done ages ago.


So ehh these notes, how long does it take?

This is why I don’t watch or follow streamers. They act like stars or celebrities and think they can say or do whatever they want…

Some are still ok, but unfortunately many are like Fluffy when proven wrong…


I made my build guide future proof. Just in case.


I wonder if they know all those barb items are coming from Free and Rage’s and many other barbarian community members’ suggestions. Seriously, they really don’t know. So sad for barbarians, we always give good feedback, which results in buffs and balance changes for everybody, and still get insulted by these clueless people.



Almost all of the items I posted in my Wild Tables come from this site. Some really great ideas out there.

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You should make a one final mother of all tables and place them in the original buff proposal thread.

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Making the one I posted today took me forever. Maybe I’ll add more items and post them in that thread later.

Even have some crazy Blackthorne’s and Paragon ideas :rofl:

Don’t know if to post them later or not…

BTW. the original thread was for 2.6.6 patch, maybe start a new one without any patch notes number in it that covers all barb problems and needs?

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Amen brother amen.
Bump it up more than 200%…


Here we go boiz


I couldn’t stop laughing when he implied that the guy that currently did a 126 with 3k paragon will absolutely destroy darkpotato’s 140 run who has 10k paragon.

He also seems to think that we just take the current build and slap the rend bonus on top of it. That’s not the case since there is no AD damage anymore and also less DR since there won’t be IP anymore. It might also very well be better if Rend isn’t hard-casted at all, but still mandatory to have on the bar, so one active skill less. The total damage has to make up for all those things and buff the build to keep up with the rest at the same time.

If this is an experienced D3 player, I don’t know… I got less than 200 hundred hours in the game and it didn’t take much reading to understand.


So being an elitist forum is a good thing or a bad thing? I am confused :slight_smile: As a new user what do you think?


Have to remember your going against absolutism. Some humans have the thought processes of “they are right regardless of the situation, reasoning, and facts” unlike some organisms. Some organisms that are a sexual usually will, under stress, start reproducing with others frantically. In other words, try anything else but the same thing to try and overcome the stressful situation.

Obviously the people defending the nerf are absolute. They cannot nor will try to figure out what others are calculating to prove or disprove their hypothesis. This is one reason I love archeology which is surrounded by hypotheses and they set out to prove or disprove their thoughts.


People are unabled to emit an opinion without feeling themselves the king/queen of the f. Universe. This fluffy fella tried to make fun of Free in his own stream with no respect whatsoever. What an arrogant little piece of Fluff


Personally I like to min-max as much as I can, and I would judge the peak power of any build/class by the “elitist” builds I guess. That doesn’t mean that balance shouldn’t be looked at over the whole spectrum, but since these games are usually about the end-game I find it more important to overall “cap” each build’s potential based on what the best build can do. Because otherwise certain builds won’t have any hopes of a fair leaderboard fight. One build being slightly stronger mid-tier does not justify capping it lower than others and give it a permanent ceiling like “you can never be as good as build X”.

I hope that made sense, have had a couple drinks… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I wrote about his ego.
He read my note on stream and was speechless, coz he couldn’t argue with that.

No nerf to Barbs


I’m elitist in everything else I do, so elitist barb community seems about right.



Elitist Barbs?