Free Daily Annis - D2GM Competitions

D2GM is back with another competition!
On a daily basis, we will be giving away 1-2 FREE unid annis!!!

The competition will be held in our server:

The event will be in the form of raffle:

  • Each person will pick a number between 1-100
  • The Admin team will roll dice via bot to randomly pick 1-2 winning numbers
  • Chosen winners will receive a FREE unid anni.

This competition will be taking place every single day for quite some time!

Once you enter the server, please head over to the registration channel to register your realm (Europe/East/West). We will be @mentioning the members of each realm based on the selections made while registering!!

Kind regards,
D2GM team


Hell yeah!!

You guys, rock <3

Also nice new video!


Great to see someone giving back to the community instead of take, take, take.


Oh boy! Can count on the team to keep our moral up!!!


This is a wonderful service to the community!


AWESOME!!! Most people dont have the cred to actually have an amazing stance on this!

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this last ladder reset competition was a blast, such a great community and the organizers are such good minded people, diablo2 without d2gm is not diablo2, thank you !!

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Gimme another Anni :smiley:

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I hope i will get an anni :frowning:

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Hey, hello !
Was a nice community here, I get two anni gift on lasts events :smiley: thank you very much
Com’on with us !

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this is real!
won the first day anni!!!

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Reminder for everyone:
Those unid annis’ giveaway will be taking place every single day till end of August!

Or so I heard :slight_smile:

D2GM :heart_eyes:

woooo lucky number 77 baby thanks d2gm =]

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I was very lucky to win that free unid anni with my number 17. I really appreciate this community for helping all the players. Thanks everybody!

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I won a anni thanks so much guys

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So many first posts…makes me think I’ll win too

Europe softcore ladder unid annis free giveaway again today!

Join the server and participate :slight_smile:

Ty for free eu anni <3

17-13-5 not the best in stats but i won’t complain for free gear :slight_smile:

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East ladder unid annis giveaway today!

Just won an Anni!!!
GG for sure

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