Forcing people to play your way

I don’t get why some people here are so hell bent on forcing other people to play the way they think a game should be played. If an option doesn’t effect another player in any way, why do they care so much about people that chose that option?

Why is the reaction of people wanting an option met with “if you don’t like it, play something else?” when these options would allow everyone to play the same game, keep a strong player base and a strong economy?

Why is:

“If you don’t like the option, then don’t select it and don’t join games that have it selected”.

met with:

“If you don’t like the game the way it is, play something else”.

One let’s everyone play the way they want without effecting anyone who doesn’t like it. The other is telling people to leave because giving people an option that doesn’t effect them offends them somehow.

Let’s face it, the game will change more in the future and the people most likely to leave due to these changes are the very people telling others to leave if they don’t like it. Do we really want people like that dictating the state of the game. My only hope is the VV/Blizz is telling these “change haters” what they want to hear to sell the game and will add optional changes in the near future.


This is only true if the game is successful - in attracting and retaining players.

People who keep telling other people to play something else will be disappointed when those people actually DO play something else. And Blizz drops support for D2R, and many many problems simply won’t be patched…


it depends on the change , some changes would impact others since some changes cannot be merely “toggleable”
Much like increased drop rate , /players 8 available in Battle net etc…
If one of those two things would be available in diablo 2 it would impact me whether i want it or not and does “force” other to live with it.

Personally i’am merely against change that are like that : that would change the market , economy , items rarity or game difficulty.

As you said , it depends on whether a change affects other or not be it directly or indirectly.

On the other hand , i’am open to actual change that would be toggleable and that i can simply not use or use depending if i want it or not but which i wouldn’t be crippled for not using it.


we dont… we have an issue with people saying stuff like " personal loot donest affect you if its not in your game" when it DOES.

the issue is people are so stuck believing thier ideas “dont affect other” they ignore how they DO effect others.

ideas i have said like “let us lock character level” these are the kinds of things that DONT affect others… are generally accepted by the community with open arms.

its just that half your peoples’ idea of "this donest affect you is “let me have a loot system that lest me stand in the back doing nothing and steal your loot”


A lot of people underestimate how some changes, even if they’re on a toggle, can affect other players indirectly.

Ploot, for example, could split the playerbase or affect the economy. Also, any change is asking for development time to be put into that change, therefore they must be made wisely and you can’t have everything.

Finally, people who say “play something else” have a point. I wouldn’t have the nerve to come to an established game and ask for the vision to change. That’s entitlement. Suggestions can be made, but most of what we see here are not suggestions, they’re demands.

The state of the game is not so much dictated by loud purists than it is by… what the game actually always was.

It’s never “just an option, just toggle it off and no problem let’s do it”. That approach is superficial.


Right… this is about the only way I’d be OK with transmogs in the game… if I don’t have to look at them. If someone wants to look like a fancy unicorn, that’s their business. Don’t force that junk down my eyeballs.


pretty much yes.
If someone want for it’s shako to look like a helm.
sure why not , but it needs to be toggleable off so that for me it’ll still appear as a shako even if in it’s screen it’ll appear as a helm.

Afterall , being able to know another player equipement just by looking at him is an important aspect of diablo 2 for many.


Lumpus u are the same guy who made a thread about ploot and about major changes…I remember your name.

Let me tell you, noone cares
about you or your threads here. The majority of D2 players want the same game just with better graphics that’s it. Thats why it’s a remaster. People will still play Diablo 2 legacy for the next 10 years, so why wouldn’t they play D2R, if it stays the same way ? You’re talking nonesense and your desperate topic won’t change anything. If the game goes another direction, there will be the biggest sh1tstorm blizzard can ever imagine and they will change it. You are just a minority noone cares about. If you are not happy go play something else, noone forces you to play the game. Go play D3 or wait for D4. Alright ? Stop making usless threads. You just annoy people here on the forums.


Thy for declaring how blizz made d3.


Having options isn’t necessarily better for the game. IT may improve your expirience but in the bigger picture it may affect other significant areas. Most suggestions focus on one tiny part of the game only and the wider picture is being ignored at that point.
It is rare that everything is taken into consideration when a suggestion is made.
People can dream and do theorycrafting about things that sound fun and engaging but it may not be a good suggestion for change.
Optional ploot may not affect me directly but it could come to the point where i simply make it harder for myself because i am too stubborn to use it. Some say it may become the superior system which is a problem. Having options should not become a problem down the road.

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Game Genie kids trying to insist that they are still legit gamers; It’s just an option, bro!


Yet no real reason not to give the option, just insinuating they aren’t “legit gamers”.


if you put the option of ploot into the game for instance, a lot of players will start to multibox. Imagine you control 8 chars and get 8 times the loot. Markets will be overflooded in notime. Can’t even imagine what that means for bots. Higher droprates in P8 and the same loot for everybody. The economy will be ruined in notime. So no, an option is NO OPTION AT ALL.


Every game has rules that need to be followed in order to have the expirience that the developers envisioned. Changing the rules or adding options to change the rules will also change the expirience. Is it wrong to have those options? No, its not but it is up to the developers to decide what they are aiming for. Is it their goal to increase the playerbase with the remaster?
I’d say not directly. The newer graphics and the additon of console support will certainly draw new players to the game.

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so just like FFA loot now?


You don’t get 8x the loot. All ploot would do is allocate what does drop. The drop rates would stay the same. If you mean the increase from more players being in the game, that happens in FFA now.


hold on you say that ploot whould devide the items to all players. So for instance a monster drops 4 items and 4 players would get 1 item each ? lol

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In FFA game if there are 4 players and four items drop, on average each player gets one


Several people prove how certain (bad) changes even via option affect the entire game and all other players and the guys who want these bad changes (e.g. ploot) keep asking the same questions xD How else can one respond to such guys? :laughing: ridiculous


Yes. So what is the issue? If you don’t want to play that game mode, then don’t.