Flawless victory objective not registering as completed

Flawless victory season pass objective is not triggering. I have completed, Avarice, The Thrill and Years of war conquests and on the leaderboards. This is the last objective to complete my season pass.
The last set I used for years of war conquest was zunimassa haunt set and have tried twice and completed the level 55 rift and it won’t register as completed?


I see that you have already posted on the Console Bug Report forum… Good luck with this.

Question, did you do all 3 on SSFM or all 3 on regular mode?

If you did 2 on 1 mode and 1 on another, it won’t count as they have separate SJ’s for each mode


It appears that there is a bug in the Console version of the game where tier 55 rifts completion does not register for some sets for the “Years of War” conquest.

Your question is valid however… since the 3 conquests need to be done in the same mode. See OP’s topic in the Console Bug Report forum here:


I completed them all in regular mode. This is my first attempt at completing a full season so pretty gutted if this is just a bug with no fix!

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Cool. Hope they fix it for ya.

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