Fix Rabid Strike clones being buffed by Mystic Ally bonuses

Currently on PTR there is a bug, which causes that clones spawned by Rabid Strike are buffed by Mystic Ally bonuses on Crudest Boots (400% more Mystic Ally damage) and Bindings of the Lesser Gods (400% more Mystic Ally damage), effectively making Wave of Light and other spirit spenders cast by these clones doing 25x more damage than they should.
Blizzard please fix this bug.

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The clone from rapid strike has always been treated as mystic ally since the introduction of the rapid strike, that is how they code it.


The LoD WOL deserves the buff and they should benefit from the crudest boot and the bracer


The interaction is unintended and should be patched. WoL has already dominated in the past, but now with this interaction the playstyle becomes incredibly awkward. While WoL is a ranged skill, you are forced to fight in melee to proc your bracers.

Yeah, but now its approx 10 lvl below swk tr which implies that it has more gap to other classes and also needs a huge defensive buff since surviving 130 is not possible with 3k para or less. So an x4 multiplier would be just fine for making it even with swk tr. I know there is something with botlg, no worry about that, but when rabid strikes clone is no ally anymore the build is more than dead. LTK same thing (but it is already dead) and my beloved inna wol is also gone with the patch. So there is only boring tr which i dont like or uliana which needs another x2 dmg muti and some more defense as already written so often.


Have you played WoL, the lighting pillar is not ranged. It is indeed a malee build.

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That is what you feel but not most monk players are feeling the same as you. We think is it a very fun build. The WoL build has always been using rapid strike and botlg bracer in the past. We are glad that the most loving build among the Monk community finally gets buffed.

I might just try it out since it’s going to be OP for a while, I hope at least. lol

The Explosive Light/Fire rune is clearly ranged. People even ran it with Zei in the past.

Not always. Go check s12-s14 leaderboards, when people ran it with Sunwuko and no RS/BotLG. Did you even play the game back then?

We are talking about LoD WoL aren’t we. LoD and SWK are completely two different builds.

The rabid strike clone has been considered an ally for years. It’s what has always made LoD WoL a good build: and why Bindings of a Lesser God are a staple of that build - it buffs the clone’s damage and always has,

The clone was even considered an ally for purpose of Inna WoL when that was still a competitive build a few years back, The 6-piece bonus on Inna is multiplied by 11, not 10 when the clone is out.

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not a bug. been like this forever.

Okay, well you should’ve specified that you were talking about LoD WoL.

I thought the whole thread is about RS LoD WoL since SKW can’t wear RS and inna WoL is no more. I believe both LoD and old inna were using RS, and some people did us lighting pillars malee build for some high GR pushing.

So basicly you want a nerf. For a monk build. Are you feeling ok? Maybe you’re sick. Or just plain crazy.


Meanwhile, on the PTR season 24 solo Monk leaderboard we have a GR144 clearance done in 14 mins 05 sec by a hero with 1625 paragon. Pretty sure if it goes to live that way we’ll see solo GR150s by the time people get up to 3K+ paragon.

He is using the infinite mystic ally bug to be immortal when pushing GR. I checked the WOL LoD is doing similar/a bit less than FB wiz.

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yeah, about that, lol. Check the build out, copy it, and through some select magic the allies start to actually kill things.


dafu ?
Pillars are as Range as Explosive Light :man_facepalming:
Why do you use Pillars ?
Because the Tick 5 times per Sec , wich also means that you get, due to the 5-7 spirit per crit on the ETH, enough Spirit, that you are always have enough to wear a Aquilla.

The most beloved Build is still the Uli …

Its just cool, to Dot everything and blow it up.

Only since a few Patches, as they made that the Dmg is bound to the Stacks of SW and the Overhole of VW

Keep in Mind that there are still a few Bugs and Glitches with the Boots and Inna.
If you look at his Gear and the other Chinese who did a few Places under him … and than you look where the next pure Inna Build is …

Not so sure if he just abused on of them.

it seems like that when you speed up the allies, they do a lot better.