Finally found a Primal bow this season

After many seasons looking for Primals for my DH, and usually getting none for the entire season, my first drop was a pair of Hell Walkers… I was shocked.

I later got a pair of Unsanctified Shoulders, not exactly stat wise as I wanted, but they work.

Then this past weekend the bow dropped. Giggity…

And I can roll it to suit a couple build layouts which is nice if I want.

I know, some of you manage to get fully primal geared up each season, but I have less than 100 hours into this and considering how little I usually get to play, its nice.

Anyway. Enjoy. Game on.


I have now moved items and combined the best of two builds after the season ended here. Thanks!


Grats, that’s a nice Yang’s.

Poison damage, not cold. Salvage!


Oh, that’s nice to know it does actually exist.


Or you could do what the guy in my clan did. Roll the damage range on a Primal Yang’s that didn’t have disc. “I wanted it to have fire damage” he said :man_facepalming:

That is indeed a beauty…those boots are epic, maybe a better secondary over GF, but I would take in a heartbeat. And the shoulders rolled pretty well for toughness boost from the RCR/CC3 combo :slight_smile:

You have 3 well rolled primals for your build - that’s 3 more than I have (any decent ones are on my followers) - so gratz!

Thanks. I about fainted when I saw it drop. I was like… “That is a Yang!”

Yeah. I was torn. It fell with Vit, so rolled that off. Maybe will find a better one someday a few years from now. HA.

My thoughts exactly.

Now if I could find even an ancient quiver… I have done nothing but spend nearly all my shards buying quivers. I have yet to find a better one than he has right now. Frustrating.


Yeah, I was pretty satisfied with the boots. And those were my first GR70 clear drop!

I was hoping for a Dex/All Resist/CDR/AD, but it works. I have a better rolled (for me) ancient on my other DH though.

Yeah well, I guess after several seasons of not finding any, I’ll take em. lol

I once had both an ancient and even primal version of Dead Man’s Legacy. But, neither were better than my regular legendary, so I trashed them. That character transitioned to non-seasonal so maybe one day I’ll get very lucky and get an upgrade… but the quiver is near-perfect (except being non-ancient.)

One thing I noticed is that my odds appear to go up if I don’t use a DH to get the quiver. I tried a barbarian and of 20 or so quivers gambled for, 3 were Primal (but not the one I wanted.) That may have just been insane good luck but I think smart loot gets confused when you use someone who can’t use it.


That Yangs is shiny, Gratz!



Here is what my non-seasonal DH has for the same quiver:

That has been the best one I have ever found so far, and I’ve had that one awhile. Not sure if I would prefer MS over AD as yours has.

Thanks. The Browncoat in me thanks you.

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I actually got a primal Yang’s this season too.

I was told by the forum gods here it is only damage. The poison, cold or what ever doesn’t mean anything it just damage.


if somebody told you that, they were false gods.

if somebody told you that, they were false gods.

??? On a Yangs (and other DH weapons) the damage type has zero (0) effect on the utility of the weapon. At this point in the game, you would never roll damage type on a primal Yangs. That would just be a wasted roll.


There are cases where it DOES matter. Cold, very specifically, for Demon Hunters. I’ll give you two more hints to see if you can get there. Bad Medicine. Elemental Exposure.

If you have figured out a way to run Bad Medicine or Elemental Exposure with your DH, good on you.

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I’ll just tell you, since posters like Varadia can’t or won’t tell you. Cold damage on a DH weapon self-procs Bane of the Trapped without having to be close enough for the gem itself to work.

There are a few cases where weapon damage does matter.

Nice! Was it any good?



Well to be fair, if you had all the other rolls that mattered right, yes you could re-roll the damage to a different element. Primarily…

While I have not directly worked with a weapon yet that had cold with my builds, I have heard about this a few times.