FFA is CORE to D2

Changing it will change the game. Not once did i ever have trouble gearing in FFA.

You can already see the plooters have never played this game before. One of them thinks zod runes rain from the sky in FFA. Lol

I hope the devs can tell who played the game and who have an alternate motive of seeing this game fail.

Once I get a zod rune and microna gets a quiver he will be here asking for increase loot.

Once that is done. My barb will find an eth titans. Microna and his zon will come cry asking for class allocated loot.

Once class allocated loot happens trading is dead.

On top of that it will kill the community. I’m not killing mobs for you to leach. I’ll just stay in my private game and play with friends. No public games for anyone who is half decent at the game.

It won’t ever stop. These players won’t be playing for more than 2 weeks… they obviously can’t handle adversity.


Being fair, as long as they add this as an OPTION for PRIVATE games, I’m fine with it.

What I want is a way to keep playing ffa loot both in my private and public parties so there are not like thousand more bots and drop leechers. Exp leechers are fine (everyone beneficts in the long therm, but I don’t like the loot leechers at all).

Just my 2 cents.


Yea this won’t effect me at all. I’ll still play FFA, unless pickit goes unsolved.


Yeah, as long as it is optional, there is no problem.


The more i see anti-ploot threads, the more i want ploot just to tick off the ultra purist crowd. Sorry, not sorry.


So you are okay with then ploot spam. Got it

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u wot m8?

20 characters.

As this thread exemplifies yet again, it is the anti-plooters who spam threads.


The quality is the biggest irritant for me.

The pro-ploot threads are like, “Okay so i did some math and i hope no one gets offended but i really think it would add more options to the game and…”

The anti-ploot threads are like, “dunt add ploot 2 the gam it ruin it, go play d3 4 rainbow l00t scrubs”


Your in lala land my friend. We are stopping a minority from ruining the game.


That’s a great idea. The “minority” of people that want ploot can just go to the respective chat channels and spam their room names: like BaalPloot1/1

Weird, in the topic with the llama poll you or the other guy just said it was the majority who wanted to ruin the game…

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That is what creates a great community and I hope the ploot crowd listen to your suggestion.

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I stand with Rod. If Blizzard were to introduce personal loot, it should be optional and at game creation. It would require opt in and leave the old FFA loot system preserved for those that want it. It would also not split the D2R playerbase into separate realms.


Weird you have no idea how polls work. Who knew about the poll. What population was tested. Did they have the game pre ordered. Have they played d2.

So many variables that the survey is GARBAGE.

You probably think president hilary Clinton was a thing. All the polls said she would win in a land slide.

For all you know microna voted 1000 times


This was already discussed with you.

I know. I voted once and only once.


lmao this legit made me laugh out loud. He’s definitely on a crusade, but his honor would never let him do something like that. :smirk:


Its called a private game. Go make friends.

D2 already has your toggle. You won! Set a password.

I also like how you don’t deny that you will ask for special increase drop chances and class allocated loot to destroy trading.

You look silly.


i love how stavros is throwing in his stand-up routine jokes in the argument to keep it light.

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I like how only 4 of you spam for ploot yet get mad at the majority for fighting against it.