Fever Clan NA recruiting

Fever Clan is a large, active NA clan on PC with game nights 3 nights a week running all sorts of content. So if you are in need of a group and looking for a mature, calm group to join check us out on Discord or look up our website for Feverclan. We have a ton of people online in both SC and HC, so if you want to group up or just have people to chat with while you do your own thing, we have what you are looking for.

We have players going strong all season if your friends list is starting to look pretty bare and you are still looking to push. If you are only looking to do a few weeks of a season and then play something else, we have you covered there as well with over 1000 active members across dozens of games. Someone in Fever is playing the same game as you, or you can just hang out on discord and maybe play some cards against humanity.

Questions? Feel free to hit me up

See you in game!

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I may be interested. I’m a much more casual D3 player, but I’m looking for a place that’s at least friendly and where I could possibly find a group to do stuff when I get a chance to play.

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@Faethor, I sent you a friend request. I will send you details on our game nights and discord server so you can check us out

Great community here, if you’re looking for some well organized game nights, consistent players all season, and multiple levels of players, come check us out.

Company Commander for the D3 section and would enjoy anyone interested in a D3 community that suites all taste, High GRs, Softcore, Hardcore, easy does it gaming, class instruction for the asking… You don’t need to be a member of fever to game with us to see if it fits your gaming needs.

We are still recruiting. We have groups going strong in both HC and SC on the NA servers, so come check us out for a game night.

I am interested in joining your Clan as I play most days of the week. My Battle tag is Mystic#14851, I have a discord also. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards Spytfyre

@Mystic I sent you a friend request. We are gearing up to start testing the PTR so if you are looking for a group do to some testing with, hit me up

Awesome clan! I have enjoyed the last 3 years as part of fever.

Hi. I’m interested in joining. How do I sign up?

Hi! I’m looking to come back to the game and make a heavy push for Season 24! I’m interested in joining!

Just go to our website (feverclan dot com) and follow the directions under the “join here” subforum.

i would be interested season 23 was my first seasonal expierence in d3

Feel free to add me in game and I can send you our discord link, or just go to the website like Dante posted above. We are organizing leveling teams for season start, so come check us out.

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I’ve sent you a bnet friend request, OP. I’d love to join your clan.

I sent a friend request, Bdoggg.

If you are looking for a group, send me an invite in game and I can get you connected with our discord server. We have people on all the time and already have a bunch of people who have completed the ethereal feat of strength and people pushing high GRs.

Sent you a friends request and a clan join request. 46yr old retired looking for mature mic users to enjoy game with.

I would love to get into this game, but a little lost. I have been trying to watch videos, guides and learning more about classes, season 24, grinding, ethreals, but its feeling like im not moving as fast because of just not knowing what to do.

I am a big World of Warcraft player and I raid lead our heroics teams into content and we dedicate time to running high level Mythic + Keys which are similiar to Rifts. On my off time I want to escape and try something else and this has led me to finding a community like yours.

I have been with Fever Clan over 4 years. It is a great mature group of people always willing to help new and old players. You don’t need to be a member to game with us so come check us out to see if it is a good fit for you.