Fever Clan NA recruiting

Looking for active players for speed rifting and paragon farming etc… I’m a returning player that just got back into the game a few weeks ago. I’ll add you bdoggg.

We still have active game nights going this season, so if you are looking for a group come join us this Saturday at 8 pm EST. Message me for discord details.

I’d like to join! US Est gamer who just wants to run rifts with people

We have a fun event coming up this weekend where we try off-meta builds and compete to see who can get the highest GR clear. We also have the normal pushing going on. We have been running a lot of 2god/zdh/znec speeds lately. DM me for the discord details.

I am interested in joining Fever Clan. I have taken a bit of a break from D3, but getting back into it for this season. Looking for a good clan to run content with.

We’ve been playing a lot of D2R lately, and we have included it on our Tuesday Game Night. Come join us to discuss PTR or get ready for season 25

Looking for a group play on ps4 my son also plays restarting d3 also have d2 for the old school cat out there

We really only play on PC, we don’t have much for console for diablo unfortunately

It is a glorious group at Fever. We have young, old, aged and everything in between. Very enjoyable group.

Opening weekend is upon us and it will be a big party all weekend on our discord server. If you are looking for a group to jump out of the gates strong with for season 25, come check us out. DM me for discord details or check out our website at feverclan dot com

Any HC players? I would love to be able to spend the weekend chilling in discord with a group for the new season.

We do have HC players. Sorry I missed your reply earlier. We normally do a HC gamenight on Tuesdays, so hit me up and I can send you our discord details.

I’m interested in your active community. Do people also play games like Among Us? If you don’t mind, may I get a discord invite?

Still looking for new members to join us, so come by for a game night and check us out. You can add me in game to get more details, or go check out feverclan dot com.

I’m interested as I’m new to this game. And would love to progress in this game. Your clan seems good. I’d love to join. Have a good one!

Sent you a friend request on battle.net

If you guys are still playing D3, Im interested. I played off and on since release, but its been awhile. DI is pretty bad so looking to play D3 again.