FB Twister is looking pretty good

Unless there are some major changes, FB Twister will be “technically broken” next season. Addition of Ethereals is a huge powercreep to all builds, but FB is gonna go through the roof.

Without even messing with the whole build, you can just swap DW with the Ethereal Oculus wand and gain toughness, APOC and 200% (roughly) of extra DPS.
Now, when LoD Twister got 4th cube slot and 400% DPS boost from Valthek, we had LoD farming 150’s. Sure it was a huge boost but 400% DPS was given to the build that could only pull off GR141 in the previous season.
FB Twister is a sub-10 solo 150 build on console…and it’s about to get 200%+ buff. I can’t even picture what that would look like next season. Solo FB Twister farming 150’s with 1500 paragon in 5 minutes?
I enjoyed 4th cube slot season, so I’m not complaining about extra power. But, it’s going to be a turn off for a lot of players.

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The fact they didn’t nerf Firebirds coupled with Console Twister THEN added mass buffs via new weapons means next Season on console everyone just rolls a Wizard for LG upgrades and Paragon farming.

Mental…GR150 in 5 mins…


I barely played this season, and I’m unlikely to play next season for this exact reason. When you can start farming 150s within the first week or less, something’s incredibly broken - where do you go from there? This season I switched to off-meta builds for solo pushing for some variety, but when there’s such a huge disparity between top-end and “everything else” it just feels bad.


I stand corrected…with the Follower update this season FB Wizards on Console are ALREADY doing GR150 in 5 mins.

With Ethereal weapons doubling damage gonna be near 2-3 mins for a legit GR150 by a FB Wizard on Console in S24.

Broken game right there.

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The damage increase from ethereals more than doibles, at least for the monk items I saw. There is one stat that gives up to100% damage increase, and a seperate stat that boosts skill damage by up to 100%. Those are two different categories. 100% increase is x2 damage. 2 x2 = 4. So, ethereals can potentially provide 4 times the damage.

It is sad to see console FB wiz continuing to be so strong. I haven’t played in a few weeks and only have roughly 2500 paragon. I have completed a gr 143 without mirror images. Have fished for 145s and could complete it if I got the right rift. They are nerfing the mirror images. It isn’t in the patch notes, but they did release the nerf on pc and shortly after retracted it with the intent to reapply it after the season.

Essentially, current console FB wizards are using twisters and mirror images. Relying on just twisters will reduce the gr level capability, but not by much. We have a variation that has soloed a gr 147 without MI. He did that clear a over a month ago and has not really played since.


And Ethereals adds up to 8-10 tiers.

You play on pc? Im making switch for next season and for d2:r. I sold my xbox a month ago since i got a i9 cpu and rtx gforce 3080 gpu.

Ptr has been interesting though… Soul Harvester… :rofl::joy:

I cant imagine that staying the way it is.

I calculated the gr level increase of ethereals based on monk item.

One of the monk items gives 75-100% damage, 75-100% skill damage, and 30% attack speed.

1.75 x 1.75 x 1.3 = 3.98125 minus 1 = 2.98125 or 298.125% more damage
1.17^(6.95743)=2.98125 so roughly 7 rifts on low end.

2 x 2 x 1.3 = 5.2 minus 1 = 4.2 or 420% damage increase.
1.17^(9.14)= 4.20 so roughly 9 rifts.

Overall, monk item could increase rift clears by 7-9 rifts.

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Whats going on with “soul harvester” on pc ptr?

I think he means the Ethereal item for the Necro Soul Harvest which just boosts the OP Necro even more…

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I’m doing S24 on PS5 and just getting all 21 Ethereal transmogs then getting ready for D2:R!

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Let me add you on bnet when d2 r launches. Ill be glad to play with ya. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, thats what its called. Its making necro super op for rats and 4 man pushing with grim scythe.

Probably starting necro s24 with a few mates so we will gear share. I really like the ethereal idea because no can cheese them and it gives something else to chase during seasons.

Depends on what you consider cheese.

Yea, dont see it stopping bots, but it probably does get around mat scumming… at least for the ethereal component of the build.

Who said anything about botting?

Ethereals can only be had through drops. Botting equals larger number of drops, which would be cheesey.

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Still not sure what botting has to do with ethereals. It has to a drop and cannot be instantly attained via reforge glitch. Bots are in nearly every online arpg/mmo game. So basically, you are literally stating the already obvious making it irrelevant to discuss because we already know the outcome. D2:R will have them and people will sell gear across all platforms by farming on pc via botting.

Yeah, definitely cheesy.

I’m gonna try cheesing Ethereals on XB tho. Heard Rhyker talking about smaller pool of legendaries in 1-70, so the best way to farm them for transmog might be running Puzzle rings on T6. My Ancient puzzle ring Alt opening Vaults for geared friend and my level 1 main. Run one Vault and you prolly guaranteed 1 Ethereal. Delete low level, create new and repeat. This might be faster than any other method. One random Ethereal every 90 seconds? Obv, useless for endgame but might work well for transmogs.

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