FB Twister is looking pretty good

Yeah wudi was talking about to get all 21.

There are bots for console, just not as extravagant as they are on pc. Yup, definitely cheese.

You can definitely clear solo 150 with twister only, that was (and I think still is) the majority of the clears on ps4.

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I think some of the other guys that follow the details around this more than me had shared some specifics a little while back. From memory there were console platforms that are exposed to botting and others which are not at this time. @Homerjnick had a fair bit of input there as i recall. I’m not recalling which post that was just at the moment.

I dont have an objection to botting in principle, but if it’s going to be in a competitive context and to be not cheesey, everyone should have access to it without risk of account consequences and be able to discuss it openly for it to be fair. Not a landscape likely to change in a hurry.

Seeing as though I’m running the series x, it is a bit harder to clear higher content. The newwr consoles are able to process alot more meaning less frame rate drop. Old gen consoles benifit alot more from frame rate drop.

Just because botting happens in every game doesnt make it ok to do. If botting were intended by the developer, then they would have included the ability to do so in the actual game.

Botting is for lazy people who want to play a grind game without actually grinding.

Botting is no good regardless of the game. It destroys games economy and playstyle which leads to people abandoning the game entirely. D2 is a prime example in its current form. There are a ton of bots on bnet which is quite sad. I hope D2:R doesn’t have the same. More people play the D2 mods which discourages people using bots entirely and I think it has some sort of detection software on their servers.

People were using botting program last season on xb. As I said, it is very basic and has limited functionality. It was only opening bounty games to get bounty mats for free while the player was at work. It simulated doing bounties. Not great, but beneficially nonetheless. Simple scripts.

I heard about the botting on xbox. Very simple indeed. It didnt actually run any bounties. From what I heard it just opened bounty lobbies to the public and would move your character around a bit. For the most part, it was just there to make the other players in the lobby feel like you were participating, tricking actual people into doing bounties for you.

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Puzzle rings are a waste of time for legendaries. You stand to gain more loot from speed farming gr 80-90s in 1-1.5 minutes. 11-13 drops per run, averaging 12 every 1.5 minutes for 480 drops per hour.

The fact you mention it with ancient puzzle rings make one wonder…

Acient puzzle rings aren’t that abundent. There is only one thing I can think of that would allow you to benifit from ancient puzzle rings on an alt account. Save scumming.

There’s different ways botting software can be used. In the way that leads to the scenarios you describe, I agree it’s over the top and I cant see any way in which that usage could be anything but bannable.

They can be used simply for competitive advantage though… so it all depends the lengths people go to.

Yeah, it just opens up games and lets people come in on public games and others do bounties.

That’s exactly what it was on XB. I know who did it and as far as I know, he’s the only one. You need some type of programmable emulator like Chronusmax and some coding skills. His bot was only “technically” a bot i.e. newbs might get fooled but anyone with at least 100 hrs won’t.
I think it’s a waste of time tho. 500 mats is plenty to primal out main character and with a couple of friends it’s nothing. And yes, bot would switch between artisans, TP to Act2 or 5, TP back, go to stash, cast some random skills in town, TP to some random non-bounty location. If you follow bot, bot would TP away. So, bot doesn’t actually act human, it acts as a really really stupid human.

The bots on XB are not running on XB per se though are they? In terms that the bot program is physically installed on the XB?

Both XB and PS offe rthe ability to remotely connect to the console from your PC using provided software.

I’ve played my PS4 from a hotel where my PS4 is at home but I use my laptop, run PS Remote Play anmd connect seamlessly to my PS4 over the internet and see its screen.

Thus any botting program can be used on PC to analyse the screen and see this remote play feature of XB/PS to do simple botting things but I’ll repeat this is not true botting where you install a botting program on the OS of the XB or PS console.

They do not exist AFAIK. The XB1 OS for example has not been compromised nor has the level 0 keys for PS4.

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Yeah, the botting on console seems to be very limited in its function. Simple button commands. Probably just a recording of controller inputs on repeat.


Patch notes are out and yep, Wizard gets another buff. The Oculus wand now gives 25% DR as an extra affix. Thanks goodness, poor defenseless Wizard got buffed /s

Starting to look like 3 support meta next season…/barf/


I know a certain lady friend who will greatly appreciate wizard getting boosts. It is, along with monk, her preferred class to play and after showing her that Firebird was viable (before, Disintegrate basically became mediocre,) I’ll wager that is what she plays coming around.

If it means I have to be a wuss character, but still play with her, that’s fine.

4 monks! I’m looking forward to a couple LoD monk variants I have in mind that will take the new changes to crudest boots and bindings of the lesser gods into consideration. LoD LTK and LoD WoL. This is of course if the rabid strike mimic still counts as a mystic ally. 5x damage from crudest, 2x damage from bindings, 3x-4.2x the damage from ethereal weapon. 30- 42x the damage of current LoD LTK or WoL.

Edit: boo, they nerfed the crudest boots and bindings specifically for rabid strike unteraction. So now just 3x increase from crudest boots and bindings wwnt back to old damage range. Very sad to see.:disappointed_relieved:

Yeah but Innas is actually pretty powerful and fun…will clear GR140+ easy…and if they fix Area Damage with it then GR150 is possible in season.

In non season simply use Shenlongs with it and it is very close to the tier it can do with Ethereals.

GR120 speed solo GR variant looks amazing too.

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Curious how many / which slots with the right affixes you mean by “primal out”… seems 500 could be burned through pretty quick with some RNG runs.

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He waa definitely refering to reforge exploiting. 500 mats would not get you several primals legitamately.